Reflex Finance presents Swap with the lowest transaction fees in DeFi

  • Reflex Finance deploys Reflex Swap, a decentralized swap with fee savings of more than 50% in comparison to market leaders
  • Reflex Swap will list dozens of the highest volume BSC tokens in the first half of July
  • DeFi projects listing on Reflex Swap will also benefit from low gas fees and will be able to adapt their smart contracts to the innovative technology behind it

Reflex Finance ($RFX) has deployed a newly developed type of decentralized swap that was designed from the ground up and that could pave the way towards next-generation market dominance.

It currently features the lowest gas fees out of any of its competitors as the Reflex team and their development partners at FYB3R have consistently been pushing efficiency as a core tenet, so that swap users as well as other DeFi projects listing on Reflex Swap can benefit directly from this new technology.

The network fees on Reflex Swap currently average around $0.25 USD, which already means savings of about 60-75% in comparison to market-leading decentralized exchanges. However, Reflex Finance CEO Ryan Arriaga points out, that he expects to be able to drop the fees even further:

“When users compare services of equal quality, price will be the deciding factor. For Reflex and projects that allow us to adapt their smart contracts we already know that we’ll be able to go even lower and that’s why we are convinced that Reflex Swap and the technology behind it will reach mass adoption much earlier than most people would expect at this point.”

Network fees, also known as “gas” fees, are unavoidable when trading cryptocurrencies but this new development has taken enormous leaps forward in minimizing those fees and passing the savings on to the end user. Especially day traders and scalpers could save hundreds or even thousands of dollars over the course of a year depending on how often they initiate trades.

The technology behind Reflex Swap is highly sought after, as Reflex Finance and FYB3R confirmed they have already been approached by over 20 projects and exchanges interested in cooperating or licensing it. “We have positioned us in a way that we will be able to sit in the middle when it comes to licensing this new technology out to other projects. This of course will hugely benefit Reflex Finance and its holders.” Arriaga states in one of Reflex Finance’s latest AMAs.

Reflex Swap – The new Gold Standard for Decentralized Exchanges

It’s no secret that high network fees can be a turn off for most investors looking to buy older, less efficient coins like Ethereum or Bitcoin. The Binance Smart Chain generally already sports low fees, but this new swap will take that to a new level yet unseen in the crypto market to date.

While Reflex Swap starts its first days of operation with only Reflex V2 listed, many of the top 100 coins and tokens on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) will be added within the first half of July.

The addition of these high-volume assets is expected to attract many large and dedicated communities from the cryptocurrency space, and Reflex Finance’s new swap sports unlimited scaling technology to deal with as much volume as is required without slowing down or reverting transactions.

The best option for Crypto Project Entrepreneurs and Newcomers

The entrepreneurial nature of Reflex focuses on getting new tokens and crypto projects up and running at a minimal upfront cost to them and the new swap fits perfectly with the previously released Reflex Launchpad, as both were designed and built to go hand in hand.

The dynamic synergy means that new tokens that launch on the Reflex Launchpad can be added to the Reflex Swap at a discount, with Gold Tier launches being added to the swap free of charge.

Furthermore, projects launching from Reflex Launchpad, as well as any other DeFi project that runs on a proxy contract, have the option of adapting their smart contract to benefit from the No Sell Swap feature, the low transaction fees, and many other unique features never seen before in decentralized finance.

Reflex Finance at a glance

Reflex Finance was founded to make the crypto space safer for investors, while also helping projects succeed and create wealth for $REFLEX holders through stable passive BUSD rewards along the way.

That’s why the start-up focuses on the development of high-volume utilities which all aim to change the industry by setting new standards for secure crypto investment.

The Reflex team is led by CEO Ryan Arriaga, former Global Head of Products at Safemoon, and consists of seasoned professionals with decades of experience in Finance, Tech, and Marketing. The core leadership is fully doxxed and regularly represents Reflex Finance on public occasions.

REFLEX V2, the native token of Reflex Finance, is a hyper deflationary reflection token hosted on the Binance Smart Chain. Its V1 version successfully launched February 5th, 2022 and paid out over $1 million in reflections to its holders within the first 48 hours. Migration to the V2 version of the contract has been completed by end of April 2022 and enabled Reflex Finance to develop multiple advanced and revenue generating utilities, as well as opening them up to cross-chain bridging to ETH, Polygon, and Avax. Additional networks are expected to be announced at a later date.

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