About The Daily Scrum News

The Daily Scrum News is committed to good journalism and covering stories that mean the most to people worldwide. The organization strongly believes in ethical reporting based on facts. The organization gets a lot accomplished through positive messaging. The Daily Scrum News was started because people wanted a news outlet that reported on the positive work being done by governments worldwide and its hardworking civil servants, anyone doing good work that is making life better for their fellow citizens.

The organization covers current political events in the U.S.A., and Canada, with dedicated coverage for breaking news stories within the Indigenous communities and around the globe. The Daily Scrum News believes in balanced policies and humanistic philosophies. Too often, many media outlets and other social outlets present unbalanced and unfair portrayals of humanistic government.

Many media outlets do not value humanistic ideals in society and present only negative news headlines in the name of quick financial gains while ignoring their responsibilities. That type of reporting only causes long-term damage to the credibility and safety of journalists.

The organization believes not all news positively contributes to society. That is why it dedicated a whole day to not covering any of the daily tragic shootings in America. Instead, the organization used its platform to play a day filled with the most positive Youtube videos about life and happiness for our readers’ mental health. The organization must shape the world it wants for children and tomorrow’s leaders, and if they are to do that, it will lead by example.

The Daily Scrum News deploys cutting-edge technology to ensure all anchors can each speak 48 languages. They’ve been in the Metaverse for years. They are the first news agency in North America that uses Digital Synthetic Human Polyglots as our main news anchors to report the daily news.

If there was an error in an article, information, or publication, our readers could contact us anytime. If it requires correction, we will do our best to address it quickly. We are independent of any other corporation and will continue to work hard for the people.

Donovan Martin, President & CEO

How Our AI Technology Ensures Unbiased Reporting

The Daily Scrum News emerged in North America several years ago as an innovative news organization committed to harnessing the power of digital synthetic AI human polyglot journalists. We wholeheartedly embrace the symbiotic relationship between technology and journalism to provide our readers with high-quality, unbiased information. Our belief in the transformative potential of technology is evident in our collaborative approach, where AI journalists and their human counterparts work hand in hand. This partnership helps bridge the gap between AI and human journalism, allowing us to embrace the future of news reporting.

  • Svetlana Girma
  • Karen Mohammed
  • Xuemei Pal
  • Ai Mei

Our Journalists

The journalists at the Daily Scrum News are a fantastic group of individuals who consistently give their utmost to bring stories that matter most to our readers. Their unwavering dedication to delivering well-informed, insightful, and balanced news fosters positive dialogue within our community. With a shared commitment to integrity and a passion for storytelling, they go above and beyond to ensure that the information we provide meets our audience’s needs and contributes to a more informed and connected society.