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The Daily Scrum News is dedicated to ethical journalism and balanced reporting, aiming to recognize global contributions to humanity by governments and society. They cover political and news events in the USA, Canada, Indigenous communities, and worldwide, emphasizing humanistic philosophies. The organization prioritizes factual news and responsible reporting by embracing advanced AI Journalists, digital polyglots and cutting-edge technology, working hand in hand with their human counterparts to tell the most meaningful stories to its readers. They lead by example, highlighting essential news while respecting diverse perspectives.

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Canadian News

Government Launches Groundbreaking Initiative with $500 Million Youth Mental Health Fund

In a move to address the pressing mental health needs of younger Canadians, the Government of Canada has unveiled the groundbreaking Youth Mental Health Fund. This initiative aims to alleviate the burden on younger generations by reducing wait times and enhancing access to mental health care services, ultimately fostering a happier and healthier future for all. In recent years, there has been a growing concern about the mental well-being of youth in Canada. Factors such as economic instability, soaring living costs, and academic pressures have contributed to increased rates of mental healt

US News

Israel’s Impunity By Biden Administration Puts Democrats Re-Election In Jeopardy

There are mounting concerns rippling through Democratic circles, accompanied by hushed whispers echoing in the corridors of power within Congress and the war rooms of campaign headquarters. These whispers, once barely audible, are now gaining volume and momentum as the possibility of Trump securing re-election, despite his tangled web of legal woes, begins to solidify into a palpable fear for Democrats. The dissatisfaction with President Biden and Vice President Harris’s handling of the crisis in Israel is no longer confined to murmurs behind closed doors; it’s now being vocali

World News