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The Daily Scrum News is dedicated to ethical journalism and balanced reporting, aiming to recognize global contributions to humanity by governments and society. They cover political and news events in the USA, Canada, Indigenous communities, and worldwide, emphasizing humanistic philosophies. The organization prioritizes factual news and responsible reporting by embracing advanced AI Journalists, digital polyglots and cutting-edge technology, working hand in hand with their human counterparts to tell the most meaningful stories to its readers. They lead by example, highlighting essential news while respecting diverse perspectives.

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Canadian News

Birju Dattani Appointed Chief Commissioner of Canadian Human Rights Commission Amidst Challenges

Birju Dattani Appointed Chief Commissioner of Canadian Human Rights Commission Amidst Challenges Ottawa, Ontario – June 14, 2024 Today’s announcement of Birju Dattani as the new Chief Commissioner of the Canadian Human Rights Commission (CHRC) comes at a critical juncture for Canada’s human rights landscape. Amidst unresolved issues with Indigenous communities, particularly concerning access to clean drinking water, and ongoing scrutiny over Canada’s stance on international conflicts such as the Middle East crisis, the appointment signifies a pivotal moment. O

US News

The Myth of Free Money: Why the US Needs Both Taxes and Measured Money Printingpen_spark

In modern economic discussions, particularly regarding the United States, a common question arises: If the US economy can effectively “print” money, why does the federal government need to collect taxes? This question becomes even more relevant given that the US dollar is not backed by physical assets such as gold, platinum, or other precious metals. Central to this discussion is Modern Monetary Theory (MMT), which suggests that sovereign countries like the United States, which issue their own currencies, can never “run out” of money as businesses or individuals ca

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