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Canadian News

Alberta MP Rachel Thomas’ French Usage Query Ignites Political Sparks From Libs, NDP and Bloc

Thursday morning witnessed an unexpected turn of events during a routine House of Commons Heritage Committee meeting, revealing the complexities of language politics in Canada. Conservative MP Rachel Thomas’s for Lethbridge, Alberta, request Heritage Minister Pascale St-Onge sparked a heated debate about language choices, with implications far beyond the committee room. At the heart of the matter, Thomas pointedly observed the minister responding in French to Conservative members while opting for English when addressing queries from her Liberal counterparts. The ensuing debate unfold

US News

TikTok’s Legal Victory: A Dance for Freedom of Speech

TikTok’s recent triumphant victory in the US courts has spotlighted the Montana government’s violation of its fundamental right to free speech, a cornerstone ingrained in the American Constitution. Even acts of racism, bigotry, and hate speech, including white supremacy marches and protests by groups like the KKK, are protected under the First Amendment in the US Constitution. In light of this legal win, crucial questions arise about the government’s persistent attempts to undermine TikTok under the guise of national security. The court ruling challenges the legitimacy of su

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