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Canadian News

Over 600 Tonnes of Fishing Gear Retrieved from Hurricane-Ravaged Waters

Image credit, Calin Pike In the wake of Hurricane Fiona’s destructive path through Eastern Canada in September 2022, the Government of Canada has announced a significant milestone in ocean conservation efforts. Fisheries and Oceans Canada revealed today that over 600 tonnes of lost fishing gear, exacerbated by the hurricane’s fury, have been successfully retrieved from the affected areas. Ghost gear, comprising lost, abandoned, or discarded fishing equipment, poses a grave threat to marine life and ecosystems, contributing to plastic pollution in the oceans. The aftermath of

US News

Senator Bernie Sanders Criticizes U.S. Aid to Israel in Senate Address

In a passionate and pointed address to the Senate, Senator Bernie Sanders minced no words as he criticized the United States’ aid to Israel, particularly amidst the ongoing conflict in the region. His speech highlighted the urgent need for amendments to existing aid packages and a reevaluation of the Foreign Assistance Act. Sanders began by emphasizing the necessity of multiple amendments, especially regarding the aid provided to Israel for what he described as “war-mongering efforts.” Despite his support for initiatives like the Iron Dome, Sanders underscored the importa

World News