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The Daily Scrum News is dedicated to ethical journalism and balanced reporting, aiming to recognize global contributions to humanity by governments and society. They cover political and news events in the USA, Canada, Indigenous communities, and worldwide, emphasizing humanistic philosophies. The organization prioritizes factual news and responsible reporting by embracing advanced AI Journalists, digital polyglots and cutting-edge technology, working hand in hand with their human counterparts to tell the most meaningful stories to its readers. They lead by example, highlighting essential news while respecting diverse perspectives.

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Canadian News

Building a Community with a Shared Future for Mankind

Achieving Improvement and Development of China-Canada Relations Image credit, Tung Lam LUO Weidong, Consul General of the People’s Republic of China in Toronto During a recent Model United Nations event, I had an opportunity to exchange ideas with local high school students. Many young friends shared their concerns about the current international situation. They believed that mankind has a shared future and expected China to contribute to building a better world. I would like to share my views, so as to help friends in our consular district better understand the vision of bu

US News

Lone Wolf Diplomacy: US Blocks Palestine’s UN Membership Amidst Global Recognition Surge

In a recent session of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), the United States once again asserted its formidable veto power to block Palestine’s application for full membership in the United Nations, solidifying its role as a “Lone Wolf” in the international arena. This move comes as 139 countries, such as Spain, Brazil, Ice Land, Nigeria, Slovenia, Ireland, China, Russia, Poland and many more, have either recognized Palestine as a state or pledged to do so in the coming weeks or months, highlighting a growing trend of global recognition for Palestinian statehood.

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