Indian-origin Kush Bhargava a rising political figure is set to make a mark in NZ politics with his newly formed political party Protect and Prosper New Zealand

Protect & Prosper vision is first to protect the assets and then the country can prosper.

Protect & Prosper NZ motto is Let Us Make NZ Great.

Kush Bhargava and Martin Jenkins have formed this party in 2023.

Kush Bhargava has become the first Indian-origin party president of a New Zealand political party and promoting his vision with his wife Nidhi Bhargava’s support.

Kush Bhargava an Indian-born New Zealander who arrived in NZ in 2004 is a familiar face in the community. He was invited in 2004 by NZ MNC to set up a business venture between India and New Zealand.

Kush comes with years of experience in managing national and international businesses, working as an advisor for govt organizations. Studies as a naturopath and business studies authored 22 books on naturopathy that are published globally.

Kush has been leading the Green Homes revolution in New Zealand since 2010 as the founder of Eco Green Homes Limited.

He is also an advisor to some major NZ, Singapore, and Japanese companies working in the fields of Robotics, AI/IoT, Cyber Security, and EV.

Presently, NZ has free trade with some preferential countries Protect & Prosper also wants to do business with other countries. To achieve this under the leadership of Kush Bhargava Protect & Prosper has recently launched the Protect & Prosper business wing in Sep which will facilitate trade between NZ and other countries. This wing is operational in with chapters in India, Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, UK.

This is a first-of-its-kind New Zealand political party which has set up business and party chapters in 5 countries in few moths of party launch.

Protect & Prosper NZ India’s business wing was set up with a vision to develop Indo- NZ relationship and strengthen the cultural and bilateral relations between NZ and India.

Protect & Prosper was formed with a vision so people can move beyond the traditional options of old NZ parties, a fresh party with experienced leadership and fresh perspectives to lead the government.

From the very first day of its formation, Protect & Prosper is continuously reaching out to the public with its priority by raising the major issues of the country.

Protect & Prosper major policies are focused on the cost of living, housing, health, business and person safety and crime prevention, education, climate change, business, immigration, animal welfare (vegan/Vegetarian), and transport.

Protect & Prosper has a solid plan and strategies that will help to create new opportunities in NZ regardless of ethnicity and gender.

The founders of Protect & Prosper were motivated to form a new political party to solve the growing number of ‘crises’ impacting heavily on New Zealand Society. Namely, the Protect and Prosper have a ‘multi-cultural’ focus. Everyone is treated equally, and welcome no matter what race, religion, age, or gender.

  • Protect & Prosper has developed many unique policies to solve the problems that are currently facing New Zealanders.

PPNZ International Trade and Business Policy

PPNZ immigrant policy- WE ARE ONE

This party is a center party and has unique policies which support all New Zealanders.

Protect & Prosper is a political party that openly came out with WE ARE ONE POLICY. Most of the immigrants get the responsibilities but need to get authority. Develop policies for a fair recruitment process and employment giving skilled workers the opportunity regardless  of ethnicity, religion, and gender. This policy will eliminate immigrant issues like discrimination in health and jobs.

PPNZ President Kush Bhargava says that PPNZ’s policy towards immigrants is clear and positive. We have brought concrete policies to protect immigrants from exploitation, prevent incidents with them, and guarantee their security in the country.

PPNZ has already announced in its election manifesto under immigration policy that stress-free immigration without discrimination and a fast-track visa system will be implemented for such families. Kush Bhargava alleges that till now the leaders of other parties in power in New Zealand have not worked effectively on the immigration policy, which is why the exploitation of immigrants has increased in the country and the image of New Zealand in other countries of the world is affected by this happened.

PPNZ proposes Fast-track visas for family reunions and parent’s visas. Issue of 12 yrs parent visa.

PPNZ wants to attract immigrants by promising a non-discriminatory and stress-free immigration policy to New Zealand, 

Animal welfare policy to stop animal cruelty. Ban the export of live livestock. Protect marine and bird life. Develop policies to fund and promote vegan, vegetarian, and plant-based food. Strict guidelines for food labeling. This will also contribute to reducing the carbon footprint print, combating climate change.

PPNZ has unique economic policies for increasing foreign reserves to strengthen the economy and animal welfare policies by allowing NZ businesses to tap into the international multi-billion dollar vegan and vegetarian market.

Party policies are unique and appealing and in a short span, local people have joined PPNZ as financial members who come from different ethnicities, religions, diversity, NZ immigrants from almost all countries.

PPNZ President Kush Bhargava is appealing to the people of India to act as a major medium to connect with their people settled in New Zealand. To make NZ great PPNZ has to be in parliament so we can influence decisions and force our policies to become law.

Kush Bhargava has sought support with an emotional appeal to strengthen PPNZ to all those living in India who have relatives, acquaintances, or friends currently living in New Zealand.

One New Political party that promises to change New Zealand’s Political Leanings

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