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Quit is a must-read for anyone who wishes to understand the workplace dynamics. The book is available on Amazon, Kindle and Barnes & Noble!

Introducing “Quit®”; authored by Lord Ronald S. Harland, Ph.D.!  A must read for those who are a part of the corporate world, facing challenges daily and wondering what is happening in the workplaces. The book offers a fresh view on the dynamics of the prevailing workplace scenario in the Great Resignation Era. The book is now available on Amazon, Kindle and Barnes & Noble.

About The Book:

Dr. Harland’s insightful and humorous exploration challenges prevailing notions. His book offers a completely new perspective that forces his readers to rethink. He invites readers to reconsider their views on the contemporary job market. He has addressed several workplace issues in the book, especially about why individuals decide to leave their jobs.

He has highlighted many factors that include the most common reasons like job dissatisfaction, poor management, no or limited career advancement opportunities and of course toxic work cultures. Some of the particular innovative topics include, The First Day of Your New Job is the First Day of Your New Job Search™, Bad Boss Syndrome™The Value Gap™, First Out of the Gate gets Shot™, Do a Good Job and Get Screwed™, It is better to be a Bad Manager than a Spectacular Contributor, The More You Work the Less You Get Paid™, Competence Means Nothing and Why Work?. He elaborates that it’s not the fault of the employees, but are nothing more than organizational shortcomings.

The Great Resignation Era has made us think and examine our workplace environment in new ways.  “Where are we going wrong?” Dr. Harland examines why “It’s important that we understand the reasons why employees choose to leave a place and find new employment opportunities.”

Lord Harland mentions that the perfect image of a 1950s-era workplace no longer aligns with our present employee-employer work scenario of the 2020s. Times have changed, but people’s views of their employment setting are frankly outdated to the employee’s detriment.

“Quit®” is a must-read for anyone who wishes to understand the dynamics of current workplaces, and what goes on in the mind of employees and employers. Readers are encouraged to read and share “Quit®” with others, which is certainly worth it.

About the Author:

Lord Ronald S. Harland, Ph.D., brings over 25 years of successful business experience to his work as an author and entrepreneur. He is best known for his numerous contributions in different fields like inventing, developing and commercializing over 100 products. That is not all; he has founded two international drug delivery technology service companies.

Dr. Ron did have his shares of problems in the corporate world where his hard work too went unacknowledged and rewarded. This has been one of his biggest motivations to write this book. He encourages the younger generation to approach their work relationships with open and realistic expectations.

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