French Teen is Happily Feeding Chicagoans in Need

Introducing Clelia Poujade, of Hands Together to Feed Chicago!

In the heart of Chicago, a 17-year-old culinary prodigy is using her love for baking and cooking to feed those in need.

Who is Clelia Poujade?

Clelia Poujade, a senior at Walter Payton College Prep, is not only mastering the art of gastronomy but also doing her bit to reduce the prevailing food insecurity and crisis looming over the city.

How Did it All Start:

Her cooking journey began in her grandmother’s kitchen in France, where she started realizing the joys of cooking. She says, “Growing up French, cooking is a valued part of family life,”.

She goes on to say that as she moved to US, she felt that cooking and baking helped her to stay connected to her roots and her family in France, even though she was thousands of miles away.

This was when she started to feel that she needed to do something meaningful with her cooking skills.

It was also during this time that she became aware of the alarming prevalence of food insecurity in Chicago. This situation left a deep impact on her, motivating her to utilize her culinary talents for a greater cause and help those in need.

Hands Together to Feed Chicago – How They Serve The Needy

Clelia founded “Hands Together to Feed Chicago.” Though she was a bit apprehensive that her age might pose a challenge to her mission, she was pleasantly surprised by the warm reception she received.

“Back then, I was wary that organizations would allow a high school student like me to cook for them, but people were remarkably receptive to my efforts,” Clelia mentions.

Now, Clelia work in partnership with numerous organizations across Chicago and Illinois. She works with a dedicated team of volunteers, who prepare and distribute meals to those facing food insecurity. Hands Together to Feed Chicago has already served more than 7,000 meals and desserts to Chicagoans and Illinois residents.

“It’s incredibly fulfilling to witness people coming together to cook and share a warm meal,” she smiles.

Love For Baking:

Though she loves cooking, she has an affinity for baking. She finds it serene and baking – something that gives her peace.

Now, she is confident enough and takes pride in hosting birthday parties for shelter clients where she bakes and decorates over 70 cupcakes each month. She talks about being nervous when she started with this, but now it’s an immensely enjoyable experience for her. She says she loves to host birthday parties and being a part of their celebrations.

Clelia’s hopes to continue expanding this number and inspire others to cook for their communities by sharing her recipes on her website. Her story is inspiring and motivating for many.

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