The Fragility of Life: Why We Must Cherish Family Every Day

In the tapestry of life we weave,
A family’s love, we must believe.
Each thread a bond, a tie so strong,
In moments short, or ever long.

Cherish now, embrace the time,
For in a blink, they may not climb,
The stairs we tread, the path we roam,
For life is fleeting, a fragile tome.

Hold them close, these hearts so dear,
For time’s embrace, we live in fear.
In laughter, tears, and joy we share,
A family’s love, beyond compare.

Through seasons change and years that fly,
Let not the precious moments die.
With every hug, with every song,
We prove our love, where we belong.

For when the night turns into day,
And loved ones softly slip away,
The memories etched in hearts will stay,
A testament to love’s sweet sway.

So let us not forget the call,
To cherish family, one and all.
In the blink of an eye, they may be gone,
But in our hearts, their love lives on.