Sudanese Authorities Implement Tough Security Measures in Khartoum Amid Army Control

Image Credit, Naba Mohiedeen

In a bid to curb rising crime rates and restore stability, local authorities in Khartoum, Sudan have intensified security measures following the Sudanese army’s recent efforts to regain control of parts of the capital. The move has prompted displaced families to cautiously return to their homes, hopeful of a semblance of normalcy after months of turmoil.

Ahmed Adam, a food trader who had been displaced for a year, expressed optimism upon his return to Khartoum. He noted improvements in the security situation and purchasing power, attributing them to the concerted efforts of joint forces in securing markets and streets. However, he also acknowledged sporadic militia attacks aimed at disrupting peace, which the army has been swiftly countering.

Since reclaiming key strategic areas, including the national broadcast and TV building in Omdurman city, the Sudanese army has made significant strides in stabilizing the region. This progress has encouraged thousands of displaced families in Port Sudan to voluntarily return home, buoyed by the relative calm in some parts of the capital.

A joint force comprising military, police, and security agencies has been deployed to address various criminal activities such as theft, abductions, and arms trafficking. Lieutenant General Ibrahim Ahmed, Assistant Director of Police Forces, emphasized that the stringent measures stem from the state of emergency in Khartoum, prioritizing the safety of citizens and their properties.

The implementation of a night curfew and intensified security patrols along major thoroughfares and markets underscores the authorities’ commitment to restoring order. However, concerns loom over the potential resurgence of violence, particularly in Omdurman City, where fears persist of renewed attacks by the Rapid Support Forces (RSF), a paramilitary group.

The conflict between the Sudanese army and the RSF, which erupted over a year ago, has left a trail of displacement and instability. Despite recent strides towards peace, the specter of renewed hostilities threatens to upend the fragile peace and displace thousands once again.

As residents cautiously navigate the delicate balance between hope and apprehension, the joint efforts of security forces offer a glimmer of optimism in the pursuit of lasting peace and stability in Sudan’s capital.