Namse Udosen’s Silly Sally Teaches Kids to Read

Namse Udosen’s Silly Sally Teaches Kids to Read

Most parents often find teaching kids to read a burdensome family exercise. This experience is primarily the case with hyperactive kids who can prove to be a handful for busy or new parents. But this needs not to be the case. And that is why there is help around the corner as Nigerian author and educator Namse Udosen has made a literary resource freely available with the publication of Silly Sally, a book for level one beginning readers aged 4-6.

Mr. Udosen, with his Ph.D. in view at Ahmadu Bello University, is the founder of Tanar Educational Consultancy, a literacy intervention agency to spur interest in books, reading, and education. He is also the initiator of the Tanar Kaduna Bookathon, in the north of Nigeria, with the tagline: “Let the children read again.” Therefore, it is no surprise that he conceived a book for new readers. Set outdoors, Silly Sally is the tale of a playful kid and her propensity for playing in the sand. But she learns one of the side effects of her act when she begins to sneeze.

Silly Sally captures the imagination with illustrative drawings fitting for kids and its deployment of appropriate word choices and subtle poetic devices. The author brings his remarkable talent for writing and educational development to bear on this timely, compact, educative and entertaining text. There are no detours; this is a straightforward story whose moral is self-evident.

Namse Udosen is also the author of Fundamental Etiquette for Young Nigerians: A Guide to Good Manners and Responsible Citizenship (2018). His writing appears in Ake Review (2021) and elsewhere. Silly Sally is supported by donors interested in supporting literacy and remains open to funding for distribution to schools in underserved areas free of charge. Interested readers can download Silly Sally for free at this link: