Must Be Okay Dog Hair In Your Food

Image Credit, Couleur

Ladies, we know your pets are practically your children. They have their own Instagram accounts, you celebrate their birthdays, and their wardrobe might even be bigger than yours. It’s adorable. Truly. But when it comes to your dating app bio, there are a few, let’s say, “hairy” details that might be best left out.

We understand: your dog is your life. Fluffy sleeps in your bed, hogs your pillow, and has mastered the art of the soul-searching gaze. They’re your loyal cuddle partner who gives the best kisses, even if those kisses come with a side of drool. But here’s the thing: not everyone dreams of sharing their bed with a four-legged friend who sheds like it’s their job. And let’s be honest, no one’s fantasy involves their spaghetti bolognese coming with a side of dog hair garnish.

Now, picture this: you’ve met someone great, and you’re cooking a romantic dinner together. Suddenly, they spot a tuft of fur in their soup. Not exactly appetizing, right? Unless you’re dating a cat, no one likes hairballs, especially not in their food. Mentioning that “must love dog hair in their food” in your bio is like saying, “I love cooking, but hygiene is optional.”

And let’s talk about those cooking sessions. We get it, you want to be near your pet 24/7. But there’s a time and place for everything, and as much as Fido’s company is cherished, keeping them away from the kitchen while you’re preparing food is a good move. Your potential dates will appreciate knowing that their meal hasn’t been seasoned with a sprinkle of fur. It’s a basic hygiene thing—let’s keep the petting for playtime, not dinnertime.

We love that your pet brings you joy and that you want to share that joy with the world. But maybe dial it back a notch in your bio. Instead of “Must be okay with dog hair in your food,” try something a little less… gastronomically alarming. Like, “Dog lover a must!” or “My pup is my best friend!” This way, you’re still showing your pet pride without sending anyone into a fur-induced frenzy.

Remember, a little mystery can be a good thing. Let your date discover the charming quirks of your pet as they get to know you. If they’re the right match, they’ll come to appreciate your furry friend—and maybe even the occasional dog hair—over time. After all, love is about accepting each other’s imperfections, but let’s save the hair-raising surprises for later.