First Impressions: Why TMI Can Be a Dating Dealbreaker

Image Credit, 99mimimi

Ladies, let’s talk about online dating bios. We all know honesty is important, but there’s a fine line between charmingly candid and scaring off potential matches faster than a cat in a cucumber patch. Here’s a little tip: don’t advertise that you make bad decisions. We’ve all had our “oops” moments, but maybe save those tales for date number three. Here’s why:

Instead of writing, “I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed,” try to avoid listing any crazy questionable decisions that might make him rethink swiping right. For example, the time you decided the best way to avoid traffic was by driving through a cornfield. Let’s just say the corn and your car didn’t get along. Or that time you thought climbing a tree at a concert to get a better view was a good idea, only to get stuck and be rescued by a firefighter in front of everyone.

While these stories are great for a laugh and show you have a sense of humor, putting them in your bio might make you seem like a walking hazard sign. And trust me, that doesn’t scream, “Date me!” especially when a guy’s imagining a situation requiring quick judgment – like, should we speed across the railway with an oncoming train or stop?

We all have those moments of self-doubt, but try not to go too deep into that rabbit hole right off the bat. Save the tales of questionable judgment for when you’re face-to-face, preferably over a drink where you can laugh about it together. Keep your bio light, funny, and smart – a little mystery goes a long way.

So, remember, ladies, showcase your fun side, keep the questionable decisions for later, and let him swipe right to discover the delightful disaster you can be (in a good way)!