Thrupenny Launches Yield Farming Platform

Thrupenny, an exciting crypto start-up, reached a major milestone, successfully launching a ground-breaking Yield Farming Platform.

Thrupenny announced it has successfully launched its Thrupenny Yield Farming Platform dedicated to users that want to participate in DeFi yield-bearing opportunities.

Yield farming is a strategy in which an investor deposits cryptocurrencies into a lending protocol in return for interests generated from transaction fees. As an added incentive, additional rewards from the ecosystem’s governance token are distributed to users.

The platform aims to simplify the yield farming process by creating a seamless and streamlined process for users, removing any barriers to entry for the average investor to earn passive income that were earlier available to only a select few.

Activity on the platform is expected to grow steadily in the coming months as its community users begin to use the services on offer.

“We are extremely excited to launch the Thrupenny Yield Farming platform to allow DeFi investors access to a stable long-term yield generated from real-world assets,” says Nicholas Chau, CFO of Thrupenny. “The Thrupenny Yield Farming platform presents an excellent opportunity for users to lock their crypto holdings in a liquidity pool to earn attractive APY in a safe, sustainable and robust manner, and early users get to receive a higher APR, since the APR rates depend on the liquidity locked in a pool.”

About Thrupenny

Thrupenny, being a powerful DeFi platform, aims to be a one-stop solution for crypto holders to invest their cryptocurrencies in a decentralised manner. Thrupenny makes participation in a complicated area of crypto simple and accessible for all, giving users the control and insights from a single application. Through the Thrupenny platform, users can stake their crypto and start earning passive income with a click of a button. The platform is secured by an in-house team of security specialists and audited by industry-leading crypto auditing firms.

The Thrupenny development team combined has decades of experience developing effective products that can shape the future and seeks to build a decentralized ecosystem incorporating numerous DeFi products and services which will drive a new direction of growth and feasibility in the cryptocurrency world. With the Thrupenny native token TPY, investors can enter a rich ecosystem that offers attractive APYs and much more.

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