Not Here To Have A Man That Flirts With Me

Alright, ladies, gather ’round for some dating app bio wisdom: if your profile says “No flirting,” it’s like opening a pet store and hanging a sign that reads “No animals allowed.” What are we even doing here, Karen?

Let’s decode this: you want a man with banter, right? You’re looking for someone who can charm you, make you laugh, and maybe make your heart skip a beat. But then you drop the bombshell: “No flirting!” Girl, that’s like asking for a cocktail without the alcohol. Sure, it’s a drink, but where’s the fun?

Picture this: a guy reads your bio, thinks, “Hmm, she seems cool,” and then sees “No flirting.” Suddenly, he’s contemplating whether he should write a dissertation instead of a witty opener. Newsflash, darling: flirting is the spark plug of conversation, the turbo boost of dating! Without it, we’re just two people staring at our phones, hoping for a miracle.

And let’s be real, how else is a guy supposed to show he’s interested? Send carrier pigeons? Morse code? We’re not in a spy thriller; we’re on a dating app! Flirting is how we humans signal that we like someone. It’s as natural as wanting guac with your chips.

So, let’s revise that bio, shall we? Embrace the banter, invite the flirts, and who knows? You might just find yourself swiping right on someone who can banter circles around your witty retorts. Trust me, it’s way more fun than pretending you’re allergic to compliments!