Must Love Sleeping In Coffins, and The Odd Graveyard

Image Credit, Kalhh

Navigating the world of online dating is like trying to pick the right shade of red lipstick: it can be tricky, and sometimes you end up looking like a vampire. Now, if you’re a woman considering adding “must love sleeping in coffins” or “enjoys the occasional night in a cemetery” to your dating app bio, we need to talk. And no, we’re not here to shame you—we’re all about acceptance, even if your favorite bedtime story is “Dracula.”

But let’s be real: if a guy is scrolling through profiles, hoping to find his match, and he stumbles upon yours, he might just get a fright that’s usually reserved for Halloween. Sure, it’s great to be upfront about your darker side, but the question is, should your dating app bio look like the opening scene of a horror movie?

Picture this: He’s swiping through the sea of profiles, a hopeful glimmer in his eye. Then, bam! There’s your profile, casually mentioning your penchant for the gothic nightlife. Suddenly, he’s getting visions of spooky shadows and hears eerie howling in the distance. It’s enough to make him drop his phone faster than a vampire avoids garlic.

It’s not that your unique interests aren’t valid—they absolutely are! However, the key to online dating success is knowing your audience. Perhaps your love for the macabre is better shared in a Facebook group dedicated to vampire enthusiasts or during a quirky conversation after you’ve exchanged a few messages. Save the spooky reveals for when you’ve established a connection, rather than leading with a line that sounds like the plot twist in a Stephen King novel.

Imagine starting off with something like, “Lover of dark humor and moonlit strolls,” which hints at your interests without making him check his calendar to see if it’s October 31st. It’s about striking that balance between intriguing and intimidating. We want him to be curious, not contemplating an exorcism.

So, while it’s fantastic to embrace your darker side, just remember: there’s a time and place for everything. Maybe save the coffin talk for date number three—after all, even Count Dracula had to woo Mina before inviting her to the crypt!