ESPN’s ‘My Wish’ Series Returns with Olympic and NFL Stars Granting Dreams to Young Fans

  • Kingston Bailey
  • Sports
  • July 10, 2024

Image Credit, ESPN Make A Wish

The ESPN “My Wish” series is making its anticipated return on Sunday, July 14, featuring an array of stars from the Olympics, NFL, MLB, and NCAA. For its 17th season, the series will highlight sports-themed wishes granted to children with critical illnesses, collaborating closely with the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

This year, the series will spotlight seven-time Olympic gold medalist Katie Ledecky, the Duke Men’s Basketball team, Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, the San Francisco 49ers, and Los Angeles Dodgers first baseman Freddie Freeman. These high-profile athletes will contribute to making the dreams of young sports enthusiasts battling serious health conditions come true.

The “My Wish” series, which began in 2006, has fulfilled 83 wishes to date, providing children with unforgettable experiences and moments of joy amidst their health struggles. The collaboration between ESPN and Make-A-Wish ensures that these stories reach a broad audience, offering hope and inspiration.

The new season will kick off on July 14 with the first wish airing during the 8 a.m. ET hour on SportsCenter. Subsequent wishes will be featured in the 6 p.m. edition of SportsCenter from Monday to Thursday, July 15-18. These segments will be rebroadcast in various editions of SportsCenter and will be accessible on a special page on

The significance of granting these wishes goes beyond the immediate joy they bring to the children and their families. It represents a powerful act of giving back, embodying the spirit of generosity and community support. By fulfilling these wishes, ESPN and the participating athletes provide not only cherished memories but also a sense of hope and encouragement to the children facing critical illnesses.