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Bader Nasser Al-Kharafi, Of Zain Company Named Among Top 100 CEOs in the Middle East

Forbes Middle East has named Bader Nasser Al-Kharafi, C.E.O. of Zain Group, as one of the top 100 CEOs in the Middle East in 2022. Al-Kharafi ranks 35th alongside many other Kuwait-based executive leaders. Zain Group is a telecommunication company based in Kuwait, with Al-Kharafi as their C.E.O. and Vice-Chairman. The company has a market Read More…

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Carriera Lamoureux Paving a Legacy for Indigenous Women in Sport and Excellence

Carriera Lamoureux, the first Indigenous female to officiate basketball in Manitoba, paves the way for young women in Winnipeg to reach for success through her active leadership in the community. Lamoureux spent most of her formative years living in Winnipeg’s North end, an experience she shares molded her into the person she is today. After Read More…

Quebec Researchers Looking To The Past, To Prevent Future Nuclear Disasters
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Quebec Researchers Looking To The Past, To Prevent Future Nuclear Disasters

The Quebec research team is taking an analytical approach to protecting Coastal facilities by studying historical climate change data Coastal facilities worldwide are designed to be protected against extreme sea levels, yet current estimates of coastal flood risk are believed to be inadequate. A French-Quebec research team from the National Institute for Scientific Research (INRS) Read More…

Iraq Education Institutes In A State Of Catastrophe
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Iraq Education Institutes In A State Of Catastrophe

5 years since Mosul retaking, young people face an education and employment crisis By: Ahmed BayramMedia and Communications Adviser, Amman, NRCahmed.bayram@nrc.no, phone +962 7 9016 0147 Mosul’s young generation is enduring a brutal legacy left by years of conflict and Islamic State (IS) control, with a lack of jobs and inadequate education opportunities leaving them with Read More…

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Sweden, Finland Move One Step Closer to NATO Membership

The world’s strongest political and military organization approves the request to add two more countries to the group On Tuesday, June 5th, 2022, North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) ratified the accession of Finland and Sweden. The accession comes after the meeting in Madrid, Spain, on May 17th that introduced the request of the Nordic countries Read More…

Mariya EL amraoui

Ismail el jamai, the experienced president of Mas Team.

The right man in the right place, this is how Mas (Maghreb Association Sportive of Fez) audiences call ” Ismail eljamai”, the one who was taken as a president for the golden period of the team. He was a young president that made great achievements along with his nationalist friends like M. Abrahmane slimani , as Read More…

Mariya EL amraoui

Meet The Successful Tunisian Ines Ben Rejeb Dardour serves her organization— with a smile

It’s a good thing Ines was blessed with a big, bright smile because the woman people call “Ms. Optimism” is seldom without one. So, who is Ines? “Ines Ben Rejeb Dardour” – is a Tunisian Woman who has worked in the media field for over 15 years in the GCC. She has occupied the role Read More…

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Chip Shortage Gives Opportunity To Used Car Market

Supply chain problems due to the epidemic have prevented the automotive industry from providing enough products to the market, consumers had to turn to the used car market Due to the 2020 pandemic, people’s health and safety have been affected. The global economy and supply chain have also been severely impacted—one of the areas most Read More…

Africa Literature

Lesotho Chapter of Writers Space Africa Receives A $10,000 Grant From Global Fund For Children

Lesotho Chapter of Writers Space Africa Receives A $10,000 Grant From Global Fund For Children Writers Space Africa (Lesotho Chapter) has been awarded a $10,000 grant by the Global Fund for Children (GFC) to run a National High School Debate in the Kingdom of Lesotho. This project will run for two years to promote freedom Read More…

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Reflex Finance presents Swap with the lowest transaction fees in DeFi

Reflex Finance deploys Reflex Swap, a decentralized swap with fee savings of more than 50% in comparison to market leaders Reflex Swap will list dozens of the highest volume BSC tokens in the first half of July DeFi projects listing on Reflex Swap will also benefit from low gas fees and will be able to Read More…

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New Brunswick’s Climate Change Plan is 76% Complete With Transitioning To a Low-Carbon Economy

76 percent of the 118 actions required for this initiative have been implemented In 2016, New Brunswick (N.B.) released a comprehensive Climate Change Action Plan Transitioning to a Low-Carbon Economy: New Brunswick’s Climate Change Action Plan. The Action Plan included 118 actions to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions while promoting economic growth and increasing the Read More…

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The Government of Canada to Pay $20 Billion To Settle Lawsuit With Indigenous Family Services

The final settlement agreement has been years in the making! The Government of Canada, the Assembly of First Nations (AFT), and the plaintiffs in the Mushroom and Trout class actions announced the final settlement agreement regarding compensation for First Nations Child and Family Services. The Parties arrived at a final settlement agreement of $20 billion Read More…

For Your Cover Letter to Do Its Job Don’t Commit These Faux Pas
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For Your Cover Letter to Do Its Job Don’t Commit These Faux Pas

Not including a cover letter is lazy—employers don’t hire lazy. (I certainly don’t.) Regardless of how you apply for a job, whether through a referral or online, you must show how your skills, experiences, and personality differentiate you from other candidates. It’s for this reason, you should always include a cover letter. Including a well-written Read More…

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Québec Invests $80 Million To Relaunch Nemaska Lithium Mine

The project is expected to create upwards of 410 good-paying jobs Québec has released an $80 million envelope for Nemaska Lithium to relaunch the project to build a mine in Nord-du-Québec and a lithium processing plant in Bécancour, Centre-du-Québec. The plant specializes in the commercial transformation of lithium salt into the form of lithium hydroxide, Read More…

Will Scotland Become Independent In 2023?
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Will Scotland Become Independent In 2023?

The Frist Minister of Scotland plans to propose a second referendum to take place in 2023 On June 28, 2022, in London, England, the First Prime Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, declared her intentions to conduct a second referendum. A referendum for Scotland would mean the people could vote for Scotland’s independence from Great Britain. Read More…

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Canada-United States-Mexico Agreement (C.U.S.M.A.) Turns 2 Today

Canada’s Minister of International Trade meets with the United States Trade representative and Mexico’s Secretary of Economy. Minister of International Trade, Export Promotion, Small Business, and Economic Development Mary Ng invites Ambassador Katherine Tai, United States Trade Representative, and Tatiana Clouthier Carrillo, Mexico’s Secretary of Economy, to celebrate the second anniversary of The Canada-United States-Mexico Read More…

Happy Independence Day America
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Happy Independence Day America

Today America turns 246 years old Today Americans celebrate Independence Day. A day not only to celebrate but also a day to be used to reflect on the country’s past and set a course for a more inclusive future. For the last two years, gathering together in a festive atmosphere standing shoulder to shoulder, was Read More…

The Conservative US Supreme Court Is A Dangerous Threat To LGBTQ+ Rights
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The Conservative US Supreme Court Is A Dangerous Threat To LGBTQ2S+ Rights

After overturning Roe v. Wade, the conservative-dominated US Supreme court is calling for more cases that will restrict or abolish the rights that are explicitly granted within the constitution The overturning of Roe v Wade which was said to be settled law was incredibly disappointing to most Americans. The impact of Roe v. Wade does Read More…