Wanted: Boyfriend Experience, Without The Girlfriend Expected Experience

Image Credit, Mohamed Chermiti

Alright, ladies, it’s time for some real talk about your dating app profiles. Picture this: you’re cruising through profiles, and you stumble upon a dreamy guy who loves all the things you do—movies, dinners, compliments. But hold up, your profile’s got a twist—you’re only looking for platonic connections and maybe, just maybe, you’ll let him know if you’re interested in more. Spoiler alert: this is like inviting someone to a wild party only to reveal it’s a Tupperware presentation. Talk about a major letdown!

Let’s get one thing straight: no guy signs up for dating apps thinking they’ll become your personal event planner and cheerleader without a chance for romance. Imagine their confusion when they realize they’ve been cast in a rom-com without the romance. “Wait, I get to take you out, tell you you’re beautiful, and… stay just friends? Where do I sign up?” said no man ever.

Here’s the thing: if your life is lacking in fun activities and friends to do them with, that’s a you problem, not a dating app problem. Dating apps are for, brace yourself, dating! It’s right there in the name. So, unless your idea of a fun night is confusing the heck out of potential matches, maybe save the “platonic only” vibes for making new friends at yoga class or a book club.

And let’s be real, you’re looking for all the boyfriend perks without the boyfriend, you know, romantic stuff. Yeah, the “let’s just hold hands, but only metaphorically” kinda deal. Newsflash: guys aren’t lining up to be your non-romantic, non-intimate, best buddy who also doubles as your personal hype man. If you want someone to tell you you’re beautiful without any of the romantic boyfriend stuff, I suggest investing in a good mirror and a motivational poster.

The real kicker? If you do want a relationship someday, you might have to actually, you know, date. Shocking, I know. But think about it: you might find someone who not only takes you to the movies and tells you you’re beautiful but also doesn’t mind the occasional Tupperware presentation. Who knew?

So, stay fabulous, keep it real, and remember: dating apps are for dating. It’s a crazy concept, but it just might work. Cheers to finding someone who loves your quirks and maybe even your Tupperware parties.