Multibix Launches Spot Crypto ETF Platform

Retail users across the globe can now securely create and purchase spot crypto ETFs.

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, July 27, 2022 – The globally-based and fully-licensed cryptocurrency exchange Multibix has launched the crypto industry’s first fully spot crypto ETF purchasing platform at

Multibix Crypto ETFs feature a basket of up to five different cryptocurrencies, which are selected based on a number of factors including historical performance and growth potential. Users can invest in a variety of ETFs, each of which is built with a common theme, much like a stock ETF.

The selected cryptocurrencies are chosen using advanced algorithms and big data, and are designed to ensure that user investments are protected from the volatility of any single cryptocurrency. Some are designed for stable, steady growth while others carry more risk but have higher profit potential.

Multibix Crypto ETFs do not require a sizable investment or in-depth knowledge of the cryptocurrency landscape. Users can choose how much or how little to invest in each ETF, and feel confident knowing that they are created using advanced data analytics by Multibix’s team of cryptocurrency experts. Multibix Crypto ETFs take the complexity out of the cryptocurrency industry, which allows investors of all kinds to enjoy the benefits of crypto exposure.

For more independent and experienced traders, Multibix also features a Create-Your-Own ETF platform, which allows users to select and purchase their own crypto ETF bundles. Users can choose from over 160 of the industry’s most influential cryptocurrencies, select the weighting of each coin and how much they wish to invest in their own created ETF.

The number of spot crypto ETF offerings from Multibix will increase on a monthly basis, and will continue to be updated as market conditions change.  

“Multibix believes that opportunities in the crypto space are framed by companies and individuals that are innovative, creative, have vision and do not fear risks,” said Dr. David C. Watts, the founder and CEO of Multibix. “We envision this platform evolving into an ever-expanding digital currency marketplace with a wide breadth of financial products for clients to profit from, and our Crypto ETFs are the first step towards the future,” he added.

Multibix also launched a traditional spot cryptocurrency exchange alongside the crypto ETF platform. Users can now trade their favorite individual cryptocurrencies in the Multibix ecosystem with industry-standard security and some of the industry’s lowest fees.

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