I’m Stubborn and Set In My Ways

Image Credit, Serhii Chernetskyi

Ladies, if your dating profile bio says “I am set in my ways,” you might as well add, “Swipe left if you value your sanity.” Picture this: a guy is strolling through your profile, chuckling at your cute photos, and nodding along to your interests. Then, BAM! He hits that line. Instant buzzkill. It’s like saying, “I’m so rigid, even my shadow won’t change direction.”

Imagine you two end up together. Everything’s great until it’s time to pick a restaurant. You want Chinese food, he wants Indian. Because you’re set in your ways, it’s your way or the highway. Can you picture the drama? Every dinner becomes a battlefield, every decision a tug-of-war. This isn’t just screaming “Date me, I’m non-confrontational,” it’s more like “Run, Forrest, run!”

Let’s take it a step further. Imagine having kids with you. You’re trying to agree on baby names, but you’re set on “Maverick” for a boy and “Athena” for a girl, no exceptions. Your partner suggests something else, but oh no, you’re a rock—unmovable and unshakeable. Suddenly, the simple joy of picking a name becomes an epic saga rivaling the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Or think about those cozy nights in, deciding on a movie. He suggests a comedy, you want a drama. And because you’re set in your ways, suddenly the popcorn is getting cold and both of you are watching separate screens, grumbling under your breaths. Relationships are built on compromise, not a dictatorship. It’s give and take, not “my way or no way.”

And let’s not forget the small stuff. Leaving the toilet seat up? An automatic declaration of war. The thermostat set one degree higher than your preference? Unforgivable! Life becomes a series of minor skirmishes, each one highlighting just how “set in your ways” you really are.

So, unless you’re auditioning for a role as a benevolent tyrant, maybe keep the “set in my ways” part under wraps. You’ll get more dates, and fewer guys will fear for their lives over takeout choices. Remember, a little flexibility goes a long way. After all, who wants to be in a relationship where one person always has to be right? Spoiler alert: Not many. So, next time you update your profile, maybe swap out “set in my ways” for “open to new experiences.” You might just find that love blooms in the garden of compromise.