I Will Not Message You First

Image Credit, Akash Naik

Ladies, let’s talk about the age-old tradition of waiting for the guy to make the first move. If you’re on a dating app and still adhering to this relic of a rule, it’s time for a reality check. Seriously, are we in junior high again? This isn’t the middle school sock hop where boys stand on one side of the gym, awkwardly shuffling their feet, while girls wait on the other side, hoping someone will muster up the courage to cross the dance floor.

Here’s a hot tip: if you’re on a dating app, you’re there for a reason. Spoiler alert – it’s to meet people! So, why sit around twiddling your thumbs and waiting for Prince Charming to take the initiative? This isn’t some medieval fairy tale where you’re locked in a tower, waiting for a knight in shining armor to rescue you.

Swipe right, send a message, and make the first move! It’s 2024, not 1954. Your phone is a magical portal to potential romance, not a museum exhibit where you’re waiting for some guy to stumble upon your profile and decode your Morse code hints that you’re interested.

Imagine if Cinderella just sat around waiting for the prince to find her lost slipper without even leaving the ball. Spoiler alert: she wouldn’t have gotten very far. And let’s face it, the dating app scene is way more competitive than any royal ball. That guy you’ve got your eye on? Someone else might swipe right on him while you’re busy playing the waiting game.

So, ditch the old-school rules and take charge. Message him first. You never know, your confidence might be the thing that sweeps him off his feet. Plus, you’ll save yourself from endlessly scrolling through profiles while sighing dramatically. So, go ahead, make the first move and show the world that chivalry is not dead – it’s just equal opportunity now!