How Public Relations Work?

Before we get any further, let’s get one thing straight, without the press, PR is nothing. Or in other words you can say that press is the backbone of public relations. Now, if you want to know what exactly PR is and how it is different from advertising then you need to stick with this article a little longer because we are going to explain it all to you today.

What Is PR?

The business of PR is basically the persuasion business. In simpler words, PR is the art of convincing people near you, in your building or in your city to buy a particular product/service, to promote your idea and to recognize and appreciate your accomplishments. Some people also refer press release as PR. Hence, in order to avoid confusion, understanding the definition of press release distribution service and how it differs from PR is crucial. In terms of PR professionals, their job is to build beneficial relationships between the public and different organizations and all of that lies solely on good communication. If you have the ability to convince someone with your mere words or if you are a good strategy builder then there is a lot of scope for you in the PR department.

Some people also refer the PR professionals as storytellers as these people create separate narratives just in order to bring advancement in their agendas. For example, if an organization hires a PR practitioner then the only job of that person would be to analyze the overall working of the organization, find out the positive message after the analysis and then turn that message into a story that can be told to the people for building relationships.

Difference Between Public Relations And Advertising

A lot of people confuse public relations for advertising but if you make some detailed study, you will see that they both are quite different from one another. Want to know why? Here’s why;

When compared, PR is unpaid but advertising is paid, PR is credible but advertising is skeptical and honestly, public relations are more fulfilling than advertising. So, no, PR and advertising is not the same thing. Advertising is paid because you buy a specific ad or space in a newspaper but when it comes to public relations, you earn that space or ad by convincing the reporters, journalists and other media professionals that yes, your news or your startup story is worth telling. Press release distribution service is a good example of PR.

A story published due to PR is way more credible than the advertised one because this story is verified and trusted by a third party before being published. Another great difference is that organizations pay a monthly price to the PR professionals, hire best Indian press release distribution services, and sometimes the fee depends on the output and results of the professional. On the other hand advertising is quite expensive and the prices are mostly fixed.

Can PR Be Measured?

No, PR cannot be measured and no specific figures can be calculated to know the effectiveness and results of it. But, yes a lot of companies use different spreadsheets and models etc to figure out an estimated value that tells the results of the PR. But then again, that’s an “estimate” and nothing 100% authentic to rely on. According to some professionals there are some seven guidelines that can help measure the value of a PR campaign but if you make some detailed research and if you use common sense, you’ll know that there always can be an estimate but not a 100% measurement of the PR campaign’s value.