How Baby I.C.E. is Enhancing Child Safety and Preventing Stressful Incidents

Baby I.C.E. is a revolutionary new product that makes emergency contact information easily available in the case of an accident involving infants/toddlers or when parents are unable to communicate for them.

21 August, 2023 – Cape Coral, FL – It’s a fast-paced world in the present times and parents might not always be with their little ones. What happens if there is an emergency – will help be available? This is something that haunts every parent. Parents need peace of mind and an assurance that their infant/toddler is safe when they are traveling or unable to communicate for their child. The good news is that there is a product available!

Introducing Baby I.C.E., a newly launched product that is designed to ensure the safety of infants/toddlers when the parents are unable to speak for their child in the event of an emergency such as car accident. It offers a QR code for emergency contact information, this code can be scanned to obtain the vital contact information.

How to Use the Product:

It is simple to use, and it can be set-up in a smooth, hassle-free way.

Whether it’s on a car seat, stroller, or any other item, this product seamlessly enhances safety measures while in transit;just in case there is an emergency, and medical professionals require contact information.

Packaging & Product Details:

Each order includes three (3) QR codes and three (3) rear-window decals, perfectly suited for car seats, strollers, or other items of your choice. These codes are easily affixed using the provided two-way tape. Thus, the attachment is completely secure and cannot be removed easily.

Recognizing the importance of timely information during emergencies, each QR code can include up to four (4) In Case of Emergency (I.C.E.) contact numbers, ensuring that first responders have immediate access to vital connections.

Offering Additional Security:

Parents can also opt to include optional information such as their child’s name and important medical details, including allergies. This customization adds an extra level of preparedness for any situation.

 Peter on his recent purchase says “My family and I are always on the go, and this is one of the best products I could buy for his safety and my piece of mind”.   

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