Valeria Veksler’s Top Tips For Natural Beauty, Facial Fitness

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  • March 14, 2023

By: Valeria Veksler’

Our morning routine can benefit us by relaxing our facial muscles and prioritizing our wellbeing. In addition to relaxing our muscles, facial fitness can bring blood flow to certain areas, stimulate lymph outflow, and sculpt our jawline and cheekbones.

To start your facial fitness routine, begin by standing with both feet on the floor and lifting both arms into the sky to stretch your organs and bring energy into your body. You can even smile while doing this, as it releases hormones and happiness.

Once you’re ready, head to the bathroom to begin your routine. Use a cleanser to cleanse your face, then wash your hands before the exercises. The first exercise involves pinching your neck to improve blood flow, then squeezing the double chin area to stimulate lymph outflow. Next, use your index and middle fingers to sculpt your jawline and cheekbones by creating a hook sign and moving from the center of your face toward your ears.

Finally, relax your eyebrow muscles by placing your wrists on your eyebrows, hugging your hands towards your hairline, and slightly lifting your hands to your forehead. Close and open your eyes five times and massage your forehead to smooth out any wrinkles and release tension.

You can do this facial massage three times a week and apply skincare afterwards for better absorption. While you do the massage, look at yourself in the mirror to reconnect with yourself and work on your inner beauty and confidence.