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Mental Health and Aging: Tips for Staying Mentally Fit and Happy

Nobody escapes the effects of time; we all get older. But getting older should not necessarily mean losing our mental acuity, happiness, or zest for life. As we get older, mental and physical health are equally important. It molds our attitudes, emotions, and behaviors, affecting how we respond to pressure, interact with others, and make Read More…

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Seeking Anne Advocate; The Duty to Protect

Protection of Seniors in Care appeals the decision of the Executive Director made on March 07, 2023, re: File No. 5489066, for the following reasons: “Trust is the foundation upon which the legitimacy of public institutions is built and is crucial for maintaining social cohesion,” according to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Read More…

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More Vaccine Clinics Coming To Toronto To Boost Immunization In Seniors

Toronto Public Health continues to bring vaccination clinics to local community centers for people 65 and older By: Charlotte Hui Last night, Toronto Public Health announced that it is committed to bringing COVID-19 vaccination clinics into community centers over the next two weeks to make it easier for Torontonians to access the COVID-19 vaccine in Read More…

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Boring as all Hades

Thoughts of the Westray Bill while opining on the person named Revera Incorporated By Anne Thompson Three things are needed to deliver safe personal care: Space, Staff, Stuff. Among other things and put quite simply, Revera Incorporated controls the funds that supply the personal care facility (Space) the number of appropriately trained employees (Staff) necessary Read More…

Canada's Health Care System That is Failing Seniors, 14 Ways Fix It
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Elder Care and Engagement for Canadians

Canada’s Healthcare is Failing Our Seniors: a change in administrative focus may fix it By: Anne Thompson Enforceable standardization of guidelines, regulations and expectations for elders’ care ought to begin by working in cooperation with provinces, territories, and stakeholders to remove seniors’ care from the purview of healthcare, then developing legislation to integrate elder care Read More…