I’m Only On Here To Make My Ex Jealous

Image Credit, StockSanp

Hey ladies, picture this: a guy is scrolling through dating profiles, enjoying his virtual stroll through potential matches. He’s feeling optimistic, and hopeful, and then—bam!—he lands on a profile that says, “I’m only on here to make my ex jealous.” Cue the dramatic record scratch!

Ladies, let’s be real: this is not the kind of information you want to put in your bio. Your bio should be your time to shine, your moment to dazzle, not the opening line of a revenge plot. We’re talking about dating here, not plotting the next episode of a soap opera!

Imagine being that guy: “Wow, she’s gorgeous, but if I date her, will I end up in a love triangle with her and her ex? Do I need a helmet for all the emotional whiplash?”

Here’s the deal: if your dating strategy involves anything that sounds like “Operation Make Ex Jelly,” maybe it’s time to switch gears. Netflix has a fantastic selection of rom-coms for that kind of drama! Your bio should be about you—your interests, your quirks, and the fun you’re ready to bring into a new relationship, not about using someone as a pawn in your game of emotional chess.

So, let’s rethink that bio. Instead of “I’m only on here to make my ex jealous,” how about something that shows your sparkling personality? Maybe something like, “Looking for someone who loves dogs, bad puns, and spontaneous dance parties in the kitchen.”

Remember, humour is your best wing woman. A great bio should be like the perfect cocktail: a mix of wit, charm, and a dash of mystery, leaving them wanting more.

So next time you’re tempted to bring your ex into your dating profile, just swipe left on that idea. Your dating bio is your spotlight—use it to show off your fabulous self, not to stage a revenge drama! Swipe right when you’re ready to write your own love story, not a saga of jealousy.

Keep it light, keep it fun, and keep it about you. After all, you’re the star of this show!