Former Winnipeg Police Chief Clunis Appointed Ontario’s Inspector General of Policing

Chief Clunis brings a level of integrity and understanding that is needed as Ontario’s Inspector General of Policing

Winnipeg’s former Top Cop, Chief Devon Clunis has been appointed Ontario’s first Inspector-General of Policing.

“I am delighted to welcome Mr. Clunis as Ontario’s first Inspector General of Police,” said Solicitor General Sylvia Jones. “With his proven track record as an exceptional and transformational police leader, Mr. Clunis’ contribution will be invaluable as we continue our work to ensure Ontarians receive the modern, efficient, and high-quality policing services they deserve. The inspectorate that he will establish will improve transparency and accountability to the public and help increase trust between the public and their police services.”

As the police chief for Winnipeg, Clunis implemented many programs that focused on community engagement, crime, and poverty reduction while working diligently to make the Winnipeg Police Force more inclusive. He was also instrumental in the creation of the Cadets program.

Chief Clunis served as Canada’s first Afro Canadian Police Chief to preside over a major police force within the country. The former Winnipeg Police Chief is also an accomplished author who has written several books and has generously donated a portion of their proceeds to schools throughout various communities.  

Former Winnipeg Police Chief Clunis Appointed Ontario's Inspector General of Policing

Clunis has spent time after leaving the police force consulting with many law enforcement agencies throughout the world and sharing his knowledge of policies and humanistic behaviours associated with good governance. 

Chief Clunis was arguably Manitoba’s most active and visible police Chief within the community.  As Chief, he had a profound sense of community worth and can always be seen encouraging youths to get involved in athletics, extracurricular activities while stressing the importance of a great education.

With the appointment as Ontario’s first Inspector General, Ontarians can expect a leader with a sharp mind and a keen sense of focus, fairness, and transparency.

Chief Clunis is a man of integrity and of faith, and will no doubt rise to the occasion as Ontario’s first Inspector General of Policing.

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