Ontario to Establish New Regional Office in Ottawa

OTTAWA — Ontario’s provincial government is set to open a new regional office in the city to bolster services for its residents and the surrounding area. The office, inaugurated today, aims to enhance collaboration with municipal and federal authorities, playing a pivotal role in executing the recent agreement between Ontario and the city.

Premier Doug Ford remarked, “Today’s announcement reaffirms our dedication to Ottawa’s pivotal role in eastern Ontario. This new office will be instrumental in fulfilling our commitments under the recent agreement, while also identifying opportunities for the region’s economic growth and supporting its residents. It will serve as a crucial conduit between the provincial and federal governments.”

The office will facilitate the successful implementation of the province’s recent agreement with Ottawa, which includes significant funding commitments for vital projects. These projects encompass a phased plan for the transfer of Ottawa Road 174 to provincial oversight, support for the repair and enhancement of major city routes and rural roads, construction of a new interchange at Highway 416 and Barnsdale Road, and the establishment of a police neighbourhood operations center in the ByWard Market Area.

Mayor Mark Sutcliffe expressed his satisfaction, stating, “The establishment of a provincial office in Ottawa marks a positive step forward for our city. It ensures that our local needs are adequately addressed and communicated to Queen’s Park. I commend the Premier for this decision, and I look forward to our continued collaboration in building safer, more affordable communities.”

The office will serve as a central point of contact for Ottawa’s municipal government, facilitating communication with the premier, cabinet, and provincial authorities. It will ensure that the needs of Ottawa residents, including workers, families, and business owners, are effectively met at the provincial level. Furthermore, it will provide additional resources to ensure that Ontario’s concerns are adequately represented in dealings with the federal government.

The new office in Ottawa will be headed by Sean Webster, who brings a wealth of experience from leadership roles in the pharmaceutical and energy sectors, including senior positions at Canopy Growth Corporation and Shoppers Drug Mart. Additionally, Mr. Webster has served on the boards of various Ottawa-based organizations, including the Ottawa Convention Centre, Exhibition Place, and Providence Healthcare. By fostering more vital collaboration between different levels of government and addressing the unique needs of Ottawa residents, this initiative sets a promising trajectory for the city’s future development.