"Will You Shut Up Man"
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“Will You Shut Up Man”

First US Presidential Debate saw former US Vice President Biden tell President Trump to shut up during one of his multitude of interruptions

“What a shit show” said CNN Political Bureau Chief Dana Bash. Prior to the first presidential debate, both sides agreed to the rules of the debate, unfortunately and expected, Trump threw the rules out the window.

"Will You Shut Up Man"

From the beginning to the end of the debate, Trump was rude, he did not abide by any rules, insulted the Vice President, took control of the debate and refused to condemn white supremacy.

When Trump was asked to condemn white supremacy, he said “Stand back and Stand By” when referring to the violent, angry neo Nazi Proud Boys.

Trump was acting like a spoiled rotten incoherent child that further embarrassed himself and a country in turmoil. Trump throughout the debate came with his greatest hits of race bating racist dog whistles among a tsunami of false statements and accusations.

Trump went after Joe Biden’s son for being in bed with Russia, his family and his character. Trump went after states ran by Democratic cities, mayors, senators and governors for inciting riots and doing nothing to prevent peaceful protest.

There was no one or no lies off limits to Trump. The embattled pathological president was incapable of telling the true, not even if it was to save his presidency. Trump spouted off so many incorrect facts it was almost believable as his delivery was so convincing.

Biden at times seemed utterly frustrated as he was under the impression he was debating the Commander in Chief not a feckless man-child. Chris Wallace the moderator was unable to control Trump. Point blank, he lost control early and was never able to put the train back on the track.

Throughout the debate, Wallace spent most of his time nicely asking the President to abide by the rules and respect them to no avail. At one moment Trump said “Am I debating you.”

The night was supposed to be a night used to persuade undecided Americans, instead it was a dumpster fire of insults, hyper partisan rhetoric by Trump and missed opportunities by Biden.

There are no real winners in tonight’s debate, but according the CBS exit polling, 48% of Americans thought Biden won and 41% thought Trump won. Up next is the the Vice Presidential debate, were we can hope to see less insults and more decorum.

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