A Flower Has Grown

A Flower Has Grown

By: Anne Thompson

In the Gaza Strip a flower has grown

Between the ruins, the buildings now mown,

Marking last resting places; and in the sky

The drones, still deadly, flying high

Not heeding the cries below


Of soft lamblike laments of the newborn

Nor the black screams of parents who mourn.

Oh, how can we sing with the occupation’s foot

On our hearts, now shattered, and dark as soot?

Are Freedom and Peace forever forsworn?


Yet we are still Living.  And every day

We face the bombs, the guns, the fray.

We hope and pray, we fear and flee,

We suffer and we stay,

In Palestine – not yet free.


Take up our plea for Peace, we say:

To you, from bleeding hands, we pray,

The olive branch: be it yours to hold high.

If you break faith with us who still die

We shall not rest, though,

A flower has grown in Gaza.