2022, The World Is Counting On You

As we enter into 2022, the global pandemic continues to be the biggest issue for global economy

Twenty twenty-one has been a heck of a year! Forest fires, hurricanes, earthquakes and tsunami’s proved once again why protecting the climate is important. And of course, a pandemic that has no end in sight. Unnecessary injuries and deaths as a result of police brutality have become more noticeable in our society. Furthermore, cracks in our medical system and its inability to handle the needs of a global pandemic became noticeable.

As we enter twenty twenty-two, we can hope that this year will not be as terrible as the last, but we must still acknowledge that the effects of the past are influential to our future. Despite it being a new year, climate change is still an issue, police brutality still exist in disproportionate numbers in the BIPOC communities and the COVID-19 pandemic is still a threat to the world economy and population.

Twenty twenty-one has been one of the hottest years on record, even with factories, mines, and forms of transportation shutting down for a portion of the year due to the global pandemic. The twenty twenty-two year is not looking optimistic for the climate if we act in a manner similar to that of last year’s.

We may make our resolutions to exercise daily or eat healthier, yet let’s be honest, we will forget these by the third week of January. What goals we truly should set for ourselves in twenty twenty-two are to be informed, be sustainable, and be safe. Hope, Vaccines, Peace, Love and Humanity.

Twenty Twenty-two, The World Is Counting On You!