17 Lucky Individuals Have Won Manitoba’s 2nd Vax To Win Lottery

Adult and Youth Winners to Receive $950,000 in Cash and Scholarships for Getting Both Doses

By choosing to become fully immunized, 17 Manitobans have protected themselves against COVID-19 and also won cash and scholarship prizes totalling $950,000 in the second round of the Vax to Win lottery, Crown Services Minister Jeff Wharton and Advanced Education, Skills and Immigration Minister Wayne Ewasko announced today.

“We are extremely grateful and proud of the way Manitobans stepped up to the plate to be vaccinated this summer, to support the fight against COVID-19,” said Wharton. “While only a few people were fortunate enough to win a lottery prize, we have all benefited from the decisions we made to protect ourselves, our families and our communities. As Manitoba is now in the fourth wave of the pandemic, we can truly see how essential the vaccine is in providing as much protection as possible.”

To be eligible for the second draw, individuals had to receive their second dose of vaccine on or before Sept. 6. Seven adult winners were chosen including three from the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority and one from each of the other regional health authorities in the province. They will each receive a prize of $100,000. Ten young people from across the province have also won a scholarship valued at $25,000.

Adult winners of the cash prizes include:
• Cuba Bazimya, Winnipeg Regional Health Authority;
• Inderjit Virdi, Winnipeg Regional Health Authority;
• Michaelle Cruz, Winnipeg Regional Health Authority;
• Gertie Bruce, Interlake–Eastern Regional Health Authority;
• Edward Queskekapow, Northern Regional Health Authority;
• James Hopfnew, Prairie Mountain Health; and
• Russell Peters, Southern Health–Santé Sud.

“We know Manitoba’s young people will shape our province’s future in ways we can’t yet imagine,” said Ewasko. “They continue to be an integral part of our shared fight against COVID-19. These scholarships will help set them on a path toward an even brighter future.”

Youth scholarship winners include:
• Tristan Plourde;
• Levi Alexander;
• Christian Anthony Dizon;
• Theo Friesen;
• Ellen Clark;
• Drew Hall;
• Aubrey Trenholm;
• Oluwademilade (Demmy) Oni;
• Sara Dixon; and
• Paul Concha.

When the Vax to Win lottery was first announced in June 2021, Manitoba sat at 67.8 per cent of individuals with a first dose and 14.2 per cent of individuals with both doses. Manitoba now currently has 85.2 per cent of individuals with a first dose and 81.1 per cent of individuals with both doses.

“The Vax to Win lottery has been extremely helpful in bringing Manitobans together as we all continue to push through this pandemic,” said Manny Atwal, president and CEO, Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries. “We are pleased to have been able to play a role in rewarding those who made the right decision and got their vaccines. I would like to congratulate all the winners from the first and second rounds, and again thank everyone who got vaccinated. Your decision helps all Manitobans.”

Local technology company, Funding Change, played a key role in the Vax to Win lottery, ensuring that each draw was fair, secure and reliable.

“Our team has years of experience running the tech behind draws like this where accuracy, privacy and security are paramount,” said Nicholas Tenszen, one of the founders of Funding Change. “We’re proud to be able to showcase Manitoba technology for an important provincewide draw like this.”

The ministers noted that though the lottery has now closed, it is still very important for eligible people to be immunized, to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, protect themselves and their loved ones against the virus, and slow the fourth wave. To find an immunization location or to book an appointment, visit https://protectmb.ca.

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