Environmental Excellence: Snowline Gold Takes Leckie Award

Celebrating exemplary environmental stewardship and responsible mineral exploration, the Government of Yukon proudly announced Snowline Gold Corporation as the recipient of the 2023 Robert E. Leckie Award for Excellence in Environmental Stewardship. The announcement occurred at the 51st Annual Geoscience Forum & Trade Show banquet, where the company’s dedication to progressive reclamation and sustainable practices stood out.

It is situated approximately 220 kilometres east of Mayo and serves as a responsible resource development model. The company’s commitment to “cleaning up as you go” not only sets a high standard for environmental practices but also reflects a dedication to the principles of social responsibility.

One of its standout achievements is its proactive approach to cleaning up historic exploration camps within its properties. This commitment enhances the immediate environment and contributes to preserving Yukon’s rich mining history.

Moreover, Snowline Gold has forged a meaningful partnership with Yukon Seed and Restoration, a First Nations-owned environmental restoration company. Together, they are developing a comprehensive strategy to harvest and plant native seeds. This initiative aims to restore disturbed areas impacted by mineral exploration activities, showcasing a commitment to collaboration with First Nations partners in environmental restoration efforts.

The Leckie Award, named in honour of Robert E. Leckie, a dedicated Mayo mining inspector and innovator, acknowledges companies that demonstrate excellence in environmental stewardship, social responsibility, leadership, and innovation in mining practices.

Minister of Energy, Mines, and Resources John Streicker said, “Our government is committed to supporting sustainable, responsible mining and mineral exploration across the Yukon. Congratulations to Snowline Gold Corporation for winning this year’s Leckie Award, an honour that recognizes their values and commitment.” Minister Streicker emphasized that Snowline Gold’s work near Mayo is an inspiring example of how exploration activities can be conducted to promote environmental stewardship and foster meaningful collaboration with First Nations partners.

The Corporation’s achievements set a positive precedent as the mining industry faces increasing scrutiny for its environmental impact. Their dedication to responsible practices, environmental restoration, and collaboration with Indigenous communities demonstrates that successful mineral exploration can coexist harmoniously with environmental preservation and cultural respect. The 2023 Leckie Award serves as both recognition and encouragement for companies to prioritize sustainability in their mining endeavours, ensuring a brighter and more responsible future for the Yukon’s mineral exploration industry.