Yukon Reimagines Housing with “Creating Home”: Putting People First

Image Credit, Paul Brennan

The Yukon Housing Corporation (YHC) has embarked on a bold new journey with the launch of “Creating Home,” a five-year strategic plan that aims to transform affordable housing service delivery in the territory. This ambitious roadmap goes beyond simply providing shelter, placing a strong emphasis on client-centered approaches, community well-being, and sustainable practices.

“Creating Home” draws inspiration from the Quadruple Aim framework, a healthcare model that advocates for improving patient experience, population health, provider experience, and responsible resource allocation. Adapting this framework to housing, the YHC aims to achieve four key goals:

  • Enhancing the client experience: By putting clients at the heart of the process, “Creating Home” promises a more personalized approach, empowering residents to shape their own housing journey and fostering a sense of belonging within their communities.
  • Strengthening community well-being: Recognizing that housing is a crucial determinant of health and social cohesion, the plan focuses on creating vibrant and supportive communities where residents can thrive. This includes promoting access to essential services, fostering social connections, and ensuring physical and mental well-being.
  • Improving the provider experience: “Creating Home” acknowledges the vital role of housing providers and seeks to enhance their work environment by streamlining processes, providing better support, and fostering collaboration.
  • Building a sustainable future: The plan prioritizes responsible resource management, environmental considerations, and long-term planning to ensure that future generations inherit a healthy and equitable housing landscape.

“This is not just a document; it is a commitment to deliver better housing outcomes and ultimately improve the wellbeing of our clients and our communities,” declared Doris Bill, Chair of the YHC Board of Directors. “Because housing is not just shelter; it is the cornerstone of a society’s wellness.”

The spirit of change is evident in the plan’s immediate focus areas: developing a client-centered engagement model, establishing a standardized approach to community needs assessments, and securing key partnerships to expand housing options. The YHC is confident that these initial steps will pave the way for a future where every Yukoner has access to a safe, secure, and supportive home.

“Creating Home” is not merely an internal initiative. It represents a call to action for all stakeholders involved in the housing landscape, including government agencies, community organizations, and private developers. By working together, fueled by a shared vision of equitable and sustainable housing, Yukon can truly become a territory where everyone feels right at home.

This marks a significant step forward in the YHC’s mission to address the unique housing challenges faced by Yukoners. With its client-centered approach, focus on community well-being, and commitment to sustainable practices, “Creating Home” has the potential to transform housing in the territory and serve as a model for other jurisdictions.