Why Do Governments Issue Press Releases Late On Friday Evenings?

Governments are responsible for informing the public of official government business that they should know about. However, sometimes, they may not want to address the press due to the content being unfavourable or having negative implications on the government or representation. In such cases, they issue press releases late on Friday evenings, as that is where stories tend to “die”. This means that it is very unlikely for the media to pick up the press release and run a story, as the editor-in-chief, camera crew, and main journalists are done for the weekend.

Press releases are official statements issued by government organizations, corporations, and other entities to inform the public of important news and events. They serve as a communication tool between the issuing organization and the public, providing information about company initiatives, product launches, and other relevant news.

Friday evenings are often a slow time for news, as journalists and editors are winding down for the weekend. This presents an opportunity for governments to release information they might not want to receive too much attention. The idea is that by the time the media picks up on the story, it will be too late for them to cover it in depth, and it will receive minimal coverage.

The perception of late Friday releases is that they are being issued to bury the story. This perception can have a negative impact on the government’s credibility, as it suggests that they are trying to hide something from the public. In reality, late Friday releases may be issued for a variety of reasons, such as ensuring the public is informed in a timely manner, avoiding the risk of miscommunication, and minimizing media coverage.

Late Friday releases provide a number of benefits for governments. Firstly, they allow for a more controlled release of information, giving the government more time to prepare and respond to any potential issues that may arise. Secondly, they help to minimize media coverage, as journalists and editors are less likely to pick up on the story over the weekend. Thirdly, they allow the government to control the narrative and ensure that the information being released is accurate and up-to-date.

Ultimately, the decision to issue a press release late on a Friday evening should be based on the specific needs and goals of the government and the information being released. So the next time you see a press release issued late Friday evening, it may be a story you should want to consider covering.