Under The Same Azure Sky, We Pray

Image Credit, Hosny Salah

In the shadow of crimson skies, where cries blend with the wails of the oppressed,
A tale of horror unfolds, a saga of suffering unaddressed.
In Gaza’s desolate lands, where blood seeps into the soil,
A requiem for humanity plays, while the world feigns turmoil.

Pray, oh pray, for the leaders who wield power as a blade,
Yet in their hands, it’s a tool for genocide, a masquerade.
They rain bombs upon the innocent, sow seeds of despair,
And still, they stand adorned, with not a shred of care.

Through bombing raids and starvation’s cruel embrace,
They wage war on life itself, a heinous disgrace.
With Netanyahu’s regime as their puppeteer, they dance,
While the cries of the oppressed fade into silence, a tragic trance.

Those who supply the tools of death, the bombs and missiles arrayed,
Are complicit in this atrocity, their hands forever stained.
They offer logistical support, information to deceive,
And worst of all, political cover, a veil to reprieve.

But we must not forget the G7, who turn a blind eye,
Praying for ignorance as Gaza’s children cry.
And those who hold the power to vote, let their voices resound,
Never again to empower those who let oppression abound.

For those in office, who bow to tyranny’s decree,
May their reign be short-lived, may justice set us free.
They’ve forgotten their duty, to uphold humanity’s plea,
Trading principles for power, a pact with infamy.

Pray for the people of Israel, who long for peace’s embrace,
Yearning for a future where war does not erase.
Those who seek a two-state solution, where rockets cease to fly,
Where Palestinians breathe freedom, under the same azure sky.

Let not apartheid reign, nor occupation’s cruel grip,
But freedom’s dawn, where hope takes its first eager sip.
Pray for fair elections, where voices are heard,
Sweeping out the corrupt, with truth as their sword.

In the name of democracy, let not tyranny reign,
For it’s humanity’s legacy we strive to sustain.
So let us pray, fervently and true,
That justice prevails, in all that we do.