Two Big Names in MLB Free Agency

  • Emily Townley
  • Sports
  • March 2, 2024

Image Credit to Manfred Guttenberger on Pixabay

The 2024 Major League Baseball (MLB) season is almost here. The sun is shining, the hot dogs are grilling, and fans are preparing for the excitement opening day brings. The off-season saw many huge signings: Shohei Ohtani to the Los Angeles Dodgers, Tim Anderson to the Miami Marlins, and Cody Bellinger stayed with the Chicago Cubs. With Spring Training in full swing, there are still notable free agents on the baseball market. Whether it’s contract negotiations, lack of interest, or a stagnant market, it is strange not to see these free agents signed onto a team.

Blake Snell: 

Surprisingly, the 2018 and 2023 NL Cy Young winner is still a free agent. Beginning his career with the Tampa Bay Rays, he also has a World World Series appearance with the team. In theory, he should be a target for any team, especially with his impressive numbers from 2023 (2.34 ERA (earned run average) and 234 strikeouts). His name was connected with the New York Yankees, but with a contract going to superstar Juan Soto, it’s no surprise that the Yankees have not made any moves that require big bucks. Though Snell is reportedly open to being flexible with his contract, one other concern is that he is a client of Scott Boras, notorious for seeking large multi-million dollar deals for his clients. 

Jordan Montgomery: 

Another pitcher on this list also remains in free agency purgatory. Previously playing for the New York Yankees and St. Louis Cardinals, Montgomery stood out in the World Series-winning Texas Rangers. Even though he was only traded last summer, Montgomery bounced back from a series of slow beginnings in St. Louis. Also, a Boras client, Montgomery, allegedly wants to stay with the Rangers. Per MLB’s Jon Heyman, teams like the LA Angels and the San Francisco Giants, both teams that need starting pitching, are also courting him. 

A common name in this discussion is Scott Boras. Interestingly enough, fans blame him for slowing down free agency contracts in the off-season. He allegedly asked for a 200 million dollar contract for Cody Bellinger to remain with the Chicago Cubs. One that had management hesitant to pay, seeing that the market itself is tough right now. According to the Bleacher Report, spending for players decreased to 2.2 billion dollars, which is smaller than last season’s 3.7 billion dollars.

With all the hype and excitement of the opening day, it is highly unlikely any top free agent will remain in purgatory on opening day, especially ones of the caliber of Montgomery and Snell. So grab your popcorn, get ready for the seventh-inning stretch, and let’s play ball.