The Rise Of Ghost Guns In Canada Is A Serious Public Safety Issue

A “ghost gun” is a term used to describe a firearm that is built or assembled from parts that are not subject to the same regulations as commercially manufactured firearms. This can include firearms that are made from 3D-printed parts or kits that can be easily purchased online. Ghost guns can be a concern in Canada, as they may be used by criminals or other individuals who are prohibited from owning firearms.

In Canada, all firearms are required to be registered with the Canadian Firearms Program and the possession and acquisition of firearms is regulated by the Firearms Act. However, the use of ghost guns can circumvent these regulations, making it easier for prohibited individuals to acquire firearms.

Ghost guns can also be more difficult for law enforcement to trace, as they may not have serial numbers or other identifying marks. This can make it more challenging for police to track the ownership and movements of ghost guns that are used in crimes.

The issue of ghost guns is not only limited to Canada, it’s a worldwide concern, governments and law enforcement agencies are taking steps to address the problem. They have increased their surveillance and efforts to stop the illegal distribution of ghost guns and the material to make them. However, it’s a hard task as the ghost guns are often hard to detect, traced and stop.

The Canadian government has indicated it is looking at legislation that could help curb the manufacturing of ghost guns. Any new ammunition to help law enforcement agencies and other relevant stakeholders minimize the risk they pose to public safety is welcomed.