The Revolution Will Be Televised – Gabriel Boric, Chile’s Youngest President-Elect

Chile gets their own version of Barack Obama, a President elect that has the peoples best interest at heart.

With the election of former U.S President Donald Trump, the world saw a slew of far-right heads of state wanting to rule by dictatorship. Nations saw constitutions destroyed, terrorist attacks on government officials and military coups in the name of nationalism.

And for a moment, the world had serious doubts if democracy was a thing of the past as civil wars seemed to break out every day. We saw election campaigns filled with anger, racism, hate, fear and bigotry by right-wing candidates craving power.

These candidates took a play out of the Trump election manifesto and succeeded. Just as the world was losing hope; comes Gabriel Boric, a charismatic millennial, very reminiscent of a young Barack Obama.

Boric has a vision of getting rid of the divisive history of the past and bringing real change in the form of constitutional reform. Boric tapped into the anger and declining economic conditions in Chile and won the hearts and votes of a nation that has suffered at the hands of dictators.

Boric has a long road ahead, but he will do so knowing he has the blessing of the country behind him.