The Future Is Accessible – The International Day Of Disabled Person

In 1992, the United Nations proclaimed The International Day of Disabled Persons, and in 2007 the UN renamed the day The International Day of Persons with Disabilities. This reflects a societal shift towards greater autonomy and broader inclusion for people with disabilities.

In Canada, there are more than six million people living with one or more disabilities. Today the people with disabilities are recognized for the political, social, economic and cultural suppression historically imposed upon them. The political spheres vow to be an ally for the inclusion in education, employment, and the community.

This year’s theme is the ‘The future is accessible.’ It requires examining obstacles and finding more inclusive alternatives. It is essential that appropriate supports are available so people with disabilities can participate, make decisions and contribute to society.

We hope everyone will take time to consider the impacts of living in a world that enforces limitations upon you. Together, we can make a difference, and make our future accessible.