The City Of Toronto Gives Tory A Third Term As Mayor

More than 30 candidates registered to be Toronto’s next Mayor, the most among big Canadian cities

Torontonians give Mayor Tory four more years to govern. With a massive field of over 30 candidates, Tory easily cruised to victory, garnering over 63% of the votes.

“We’ve made so much progress on getting transit and housing built and growing our economy, and now we have a strong mandate to continue with that progress.” Said, Mayor John Tory

Heading to Tory’s third term will be a significant emphasis on public transit, beginning with the expansion of the subway line from Scarborough to North York. Due to multiple delays and a blown budget, Tory will also have to figure out how to get the Eglinton Crosstown Light Rapid Transit on track.

However, doing so may not be as easy as Torontonians would like as the city is already facing a one billion dollar shortcoming, and Tory has been non-committal on the taxes he plans to raise.

Although Tory is extremely popular among voters, almost 40% of the population still would have liked to have seen a new person in charge of the city. As of now, Tory is a Mayor for life, barring a major scandal, or should he decide to resign and not seek re-election in 2026.

Image source Tory Twitter feed