Black History 365 Honours, Dr. Cleophas Justine Pierre

A Global Influencer Beyond the Black Community

Image Credit, Dr. Pierre Linkedin

As we celebrate Black History 365, we honour Dr. Cleophas Justine Pierre, an extraordinary individual whose work has profound impacts on societies worldwide. His expertise in migration and labour market research has not only advanced understanding in these fields but also brought about significant change, affecting countless lives and communities.

Dr. Pierre plays a pivotal role in both the business and non-profit sectors. He serves as the Research and Business Development Director at Dunn, Pierre, Barnett & Company Ltd, a Black-owned Canadian enterprise. Additionally, he leads CANCARO, a non-profit dedicated to combating human trafficking (TIP) and migrant smuggling, educating migrants, and supporting vulnerable groups across the Caribbean, Latin and North America. CANCARO’s mission is crucial in fostering safer, more informed, and inclusive societies.

The work conducted by Dr. Pierre and his team at CANCARO is transformative. By addressing the critical issues of TIP and migrant smuggling, they help protect the most vulnerable populations, ensuring they receive the support and education necessary to rebuild their lives. This, in turn, strengthens communities and promotes social and economic stability.

Dr. Pierre’s initiatives encompass comprehensive studies and surveys that provide valuable data on migration patterns, labour market needs, and human trafficking routes. His collaborations with entities such as the Pan-American Health Organization, the World Health Organization, and CARICOM have been instrumental in shaping policies and strategies that improve labour conditions and protect migrant rights.

One of the most significant aspects of Dr. Pierre’s work is the extensive database his firm maintains on Caribbean migrants. This resource includes critical information on smugglers, human traffickers, crime statistics, skills and educational attainment, and TIP victims. Policymakers, researchers, and advocacy groups rely on this data to develop effective interventions and policies that address the root causes of migration challenges.

Dr. Pierre’s efforts benefit not only the Black community but society at large. His work leads to improved life structures, better employment opportunities, and more equitable social systems. By tackling complex issues like human trafficking and forced migration, he helps create environments where people can thrive safely and with dignity.

Through his dedication and innovative approaches, Dr. Cleophas Justine Pierre exemplifies the power of effecting real change in society. His decisions and actions profoundly affect people’s lives, leading to improved conditions and opportunities. As we honour Dr. Pierre during Black History 365, we recognize his invaluable contributions to creating a better world for all.