Text Like a Boss: Why Ghosting is Scarier Than a Horror Movie

Image Credit, Dean Moriarty

Ladies, gather ’round for some digital dating wisdom that’s funnier than a cat video gone viral! Let’s talk about texting and communication – you know, that thing we do with our phones when we’re not swiping left or right.

First off, initiate the conversation! Don’t wait around like a wallflower at a middle school dance. Take the bull by the emoji and send that first text. But here’s the kicker – be prepared to actually chat. Set aside a solid 10 minutes for some back-and-forth banter. None of this hit-and-run texting nonsense!

And hey, if someone slides into your DMs, don’t leave ’em hanging like a suspenseful season finale. Respond in a timely manner, unless you’re trapped under something heavy or stuck in a WiFi dead zone. Otherwise, it’s like being on a call with a mime – awkward and silent.

Imagine you’re having a convo in real life. You wouldn’t just stare blankly into space after someone asked you a question, right? So, don’t do it in text form either. Let’s avoid the eerie silence of a haunted house and keep the conversation flowing.

And for the love of memes, if you’re vibing with someone, take it beyond text! Move on up to a phone call or even a video chat. It’s like upgrading from black-and-white TV to full-on HD – way more engaging and less chance of misinterpreting those pesky emojis.

So, remember, ladies, when it comes to texting and communication in the wild world of online dating, be bold, be responsive, and above all, be whitty! Let’s keep those LOLs rolling in.