Tesla’s Recall Coincides With Societies Need For Autonomous Driving Vehicles

Tesla, the leading electric vehicle manufacturer in the world, recall announcement yesterday of nearly 363,000 vehicles equipped with the ‘Full Self-Driving (FSD)’ feature was predictable., seeing it is not the first time the company has had issues with the FSD. The recall comes from reports from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) that the FSD software can lead to unpredictable and potentially dangerous driving behaviour.

The NHTSA’s report on the FSD software has highlighted issues such as vehicles exceeding speed limits and travelling through intersections in an unlawful or unpredictable manner. The potential for these issues to lead to crashes has prompted Tesla to take action and recall the affected vehicles.

The FSD feature has been highly popular among Tesla owners, who have been eager to experience hands-free driving on highways and long-distance journeys. The FSD upgrade, which costs an additional $15,000 USD when ordering, has been a significant factor in fueling demand for Tesla vehicles. It offers an unprecedented level of autonomy to drivers.

However, the recall has raised questions about the safety of the FSD feature and its worth to consumers. Some Tesla owners have reported that the FSD upgrade is not worth the additional cost, while others have praised the feature for its convenience and ease of use.

Tesla is known for its tech-heavy approach to vehicle manufacturing, with its cars being dubbed as ‘computers on wheels’. The company is expected to attempt to fix the FSD update by over-the-air/remote installation, which is often seen as an inexpensive way for the company to fix errors by utilizing technology to solve issues quickly and efficiently.

Society’s desire for hands-free driving and autonomous vehicles comes at a cost, and the recent Tesla recall is a clear reminder of the challenges that come with embracing this new technology. While the FSD feature offers convenience and autonomy, it also comes with a level of risk that requires close attention and constant monitoring.

As society moves towards a more automated future, it is important to remember that this new level of autonomy comes at a price. Safety must remain a top priority for manufacturers and consumers alike.