Superior Court Rules In Favour Of Ousted Councillor Karygiannis

The Superior Court of Justice today granted Jim Karygiannis relief from forfeiture of his seat as a Councillor for Ward 22.

Karygiannis’ audited financial statements showed he spent $32,083.50 on his election campaign and under the Municipal Elections Act, candidates can only spend 10% of the permitted amount on expenditures. Mr. Karygiannis has stated the discrepancy was an accounting error that has now been rectified.

On November 6, Toronto City Clerk Ulli Watkiss gave notice to Mr. Karygiannis that he was no longer a City of Toronto Councillor based on the supplementary financial statement that he filed for the 2018 election, as required under the Municipal Elections Act.

Based on the ruling, arrangements are being made to allow Mr. Karygiannis to attend City Council’s regularly scheduled meeting today, Nov. 26, as the Councillor for Ward 22.

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