Sudan Summit: Urgent Action Needed to Translate Pledges into Lifesaving Aid

Image credit, NRC

Following today’s summit in Paris, Will Carter, the Norwegian Refugee Council’s country director in Sudan, emphasized the critical need for immediate action to address the escalating humanitarian crisis in the region.

Carter lauded the efforts of the international community in convening the summit, describing it as a genuine attempt to rejuvenate global support for the victims of Sudan’s long-standing conflict. However, he stressed that the pledged funds must materialize swiftly to avert further catastrophe.

“The funds pledged today are desperately needed to save millions of lives: they need to be made available immediately,” Carter emphasized.

According to the statement, only half of the required US$4 billion for Sudan and neighboring countries has been promised, raising concerns about the adequacy of the response. Carter lamented the absence of contributions from some of the world’s wealthiest economies, urging them to step up and fulfill their moral obligation.

“The test for the international community will be in the weeks and months to come,” Carter remarked. “The words echoed today calling on warring parties to stop using aid as a weapon of war must be followed with continued diplomatic pressure for humanitarian aid.”

Carter highlighted the dire consequences of aid obstruction, which has left millions of civilians trapped in inaccessible areas, exacerbating an already dire humanitarian situation. With over 24.8 million people in need of assistance and millions displaced both internally and across borders, the urgency of the situation cannot be overstated.

“We need the international community’s continued support to follow their words today with deeds to help open up humanitarian routes and overcome restrictions ahead of a looming, man-made famine,” Carter implored.

The scale of the crisis is staggering, with more than 25 million people across Sudan, South Sudan, and Chad facing worsening food insecurity. Without immediate and substantial intervention, the region risks plunging into the world’s largest hunger crisis.

In light of these harrowing statistics, Carter reiterated the call for action, emphasizing the pressing need for the international community to translate pledges into tangible assistance without delay.

As the world watches, the fate of millions hangs in the balance, contingent upon the swift and concerted efforts of global leaders to deliver on their promises and avert further tragedy in Sudan and its neighboring countries.