Style Your Dreams: Fashion Forward, Business Minded: Vic Delane’s Secret to Success

Victoria Delane is a woman who followed her dream and turned it into a successful business. As the CEO of Vic Delane Styling, a personal wardrobe stylist company, she has made it her mission to empower people and normalize luxury for the “everyday person.” She offers services that alleviate the time, energy, and stress of shopping and planning for wardrobes, enabling clients to elevate their lives and careers easily.

Delane’s inspiration to start her business came from her childhood and her experience in the corporate world. Growing up, she was labelled the shy and quiet one in her family. However, she found comfort and safety in expressing herself creatively through clothing. This creative expression made her discover her superpower of bringing a vision to life. Clothing taught her that she controlled how she appeared in the world.

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in apparel design and merchandising, Delane worked in the corporate world. However, after five years of being trapped and feeling extremely burnt and the pandemic, she realized she needed to change and go after her dream. She sought the help of a life coach who taught her that she had the power to create a career and a life that she genuinely enjoyed without sacrificing one for the other. This inspired her to revisit her fashion career dreams and take the leap to launch her business.

Delane’s ultimate goal with every client is to show them how worthy they are just because they exist and that they deserve to have all of their desires. She achieves this through styling. Her services are not just for celebrities or high fashion magazines; they are for the everyday person who wants to invest in their well-being and buy their time back to focus on things that bring them joy. It’s about knowing that you deserve to look and feel your best and that you can access that help if you desire it.

Running a business is not easy, and Delane has faced several challenges. However, the most significant challenge for her has been personal development. Entrepreneurship has forced her to review every area of her life, including her values, relationships, how she shows up for herself, and her worth. She had to question it all and then rebuild it on her own terms and definitions. This was a challenge in a world where most people build their lives and make decisions based on what society or others tell them to do.

However, the results that Delane sees her clients experience beyond a new wardrobe or styled photoshoot are worth it. The increase in confidence for what they wear and how they wear it leads to increased confidence in other areas of their life, such as increased sales and growth in their business because they are showing up in their power, going up for that promotion or a new job, putting themselves out there to build a professional or personal brand online, or showing up confidently at work or in business. This leads to more convictions and intimacy within their relationship.

To stay focused on her goals and operate with a CEO mindset, Delane prioritizes and makes decisions from a place and mindset of where she wants to be with the end goal in mind. For example, she asks herself, “what would a CEO of a 7-figure business invest in?”. This mindset helps her stay focused on her goals and operate with a CEO mindset versus just a stylist.

Currently, Delane is in a team of one, and she does not put a huge focus on funding as her business expenses are pretty low. Her main focus is on marketing and promotion. She focuses heavily on her messaging within her marketing – the value and transformation her services provide and how her services alleviate pain points for her ideal client.

Victoria Delane is a true inspiration to women business owners around the world. She started her own company from scratch, believing in her vision and taking a leap of faith to pursue her passion. Her determination and hard work paid off, and today she is the proud owner of a successful enterprise. Victoria’s story is a testament to the power of entrepreneurship and the importance of believing in oneself. She is a role model for women who aspire to take charge of their lives and make a difference. Victoria’s passion for helping others and doing what brings her joy symbolizes her strength, resilience, and unwavering commitment to her dreams.