Slimdizzybozz: Unsung In Nigeria, Making Waves In Italy 

“Providence smiled at him when some band members in Italy heard his voice for the first time and then told him how great his voice sounded and requested him to join their band. He accepted.”

Making melody is his signature. Right from the cradle, like a beautifully scented flower budding, Inkau Sunday Diffin’s singing endowment was spotted quite early by his teacher in primary school.

“It all started back in primary school when my teacher of blessed memory, Mr. Simon, found out I had a unique voice,” Inkau recalled. “There was this song we usually sing together at the assembly ground before heading to our various classrooms, so while singing, my voice stood out, and Late Mr. Simon said, ‘I heard a voice from this angle, and I wanna see that person.’ I was scared and thought I may have done something terrible. With the fear that had enveloped me, I refused to come out until further persuasion with assurances that I wasn’t in the wrong. He categorically told me right there, ‘your voice is so great, and the world will know you through your voice.'” Inkau said.  People quickly noticed his sonorous voice wherever he went, including the Church he worshipped, the Assemblies of God Church, Abakpa Ogboja, Ogoja, Cross River State.

It was while in the University that Diffin found his voice. He performed in school gigs and some shows in Calabar town. He even took a shot at the MTN Project Fame auditioning in 2015 but didn’t make the final list. The opportunities he lost in Nigeria, he gained in Italy.

Providence smiled at him when some band members in Italy heard his voice for the first time and then told him how great his voice sounded and requested him to join their band. He accepted. The band’s name was Perotta & Friends in a community called Cautano of the Benevento province, Campania region of southern Italy. He did most English cover songs, which shot him into the limelight.

He is celebrated in Italy, Europe, and the Americas. He has a significant followership, especially online. For instance, he had 300,000 views in 3 months for “One Love,” a Bob Marley song he rendered.

Known professionally as Slimdizzybozz, Inkau, apart from singing, is a songwriter, recording artist, performer, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. He has taken his African culture with him, which is reflected in his songs; significantly, his European audience appreciates him for this. He has also been well-received by non-European fans.

Diffin launched his professional music career in 2010 as an undergraduate at the Cross River State University of Technology Calabar, Nigeria, where he entertained fans during campus-based shows. Occasionally, he had invitations to perform in concerts in town. He also cut jingles for politicians for their campaigns.

As an entrepreneur, Slimdizzybozz is the CEO of Diffin Records. His label is known for producing Soul, Reggae, Afrobeats, Blues, Gospel, R&B, Jazz, and Hip-hop genres of music. The hardworking and resourceful musician, noted for his vocal range and lyrical prowess, has kept the flag flying by beating the imagination of his teeming fans with songs that dabble into the daily human entanglements. Songs written by the exciting performer include: “Smile,” “God No De Lie,” “Crazy,” “Anywhere You Dey,” “Happy Xmas,” etc. 

Diffin has entertained fans across major European cities. The music guru has performed in Venice, Sorrento, Napoli, Via Toledo, Vanvitelli, Rome, Florence, Venice Bologna, Verona, Cautano, Benevento, Montesarchio, and Trieste, all in Italy. He has also performed in Berlin, Hamburg, and Hannover in Germany. His talents have also seen him thrill fans at the Montreux Jazz Festival and shows in Lausanne and Zurich, all in Switzerland. Slimdizzybozz’s performances in Portugal have been at Porto, Lisbon, Lagos, Albufeira, etc. While in France, he entertained fans at Nice, Lyon, and Paris. His performances in Spain were at Barcelona and Madrid. He has performed in Estonia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, and elsewhere in Europe. Slimdizzybozz’s major role models are 2face, Wyclef Jean, and Bob Marley.

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