Santa’s Workshop Downsized: Amazon Prime Takes the Lead in Gift Production and Delivery

‘Twas weeks before Christmas, and all through the workshop, not an elf was stirring, not even a mop. Santa had made a drastic choice this year, laying off the elves and outsourcing holiday cheer.

Amazon vans were parked in a row, filled with presents ready to go. Santa, in his new tech-savvy stance, ordered gifts online with just a glance.

Former NASA scientist Mark Rober was on the case, creating glitter bombs with a mischievous grace. He crafted packages, devious and sly, to thwart porch pirates, oh my, oh my!

In the quiet night, as the vans set forth, Joseph and the Non-Believers came to the North. With guitars and drums, they played Christmas tunes, spreading joy and laughter under the moon.

Amazon Prime sleighs with gifts in tow, delivered with speed, and the ho-ho-hos. The glitter bombs were strategically placed, protecting gifts from being misplaced.

As the band sang carols in the chilly air, neighbors gathered, a festive affair. Glitter explosions sparkled like snow, turning would-be thieves into a festive glow.

Santa, watching from his high-tech sleigh, chuckled at the glittery display. “Ho-ho-ho,” he bellowed with glee, “Christmas cheer, now delivered by Amazon and me!”

And so, in this tale of modern delight, Santa’s outsourcing decision turned out just right. With glitter bombs and carols, joy was spread as gifts from Amazon landed in beds.