Relationship with Money

How are you on the subject of discussing money?  How do you feel when approached by financial advisors to discuss your financial situation?  How much money can you imagine yourself having? What are your feelings as you internalize these questions on the subject of money?

Would you believe that the people whose financial position is the most unfortunate, are the ones that have the poorest relationship with money? There are many unfortunate people whose subconscious minds are programed to believe that loving money is the root of all evil.  With such programming, how possible is it to imagine having a lot of money?  Think of having a partner who you do not love or appreciate.  What is the likelihood of them wanting to be with you while your strongest emotions towards them were negative? 

The reality is that money is a magnifier.  If a good person has a lot of money, what are the chances of them using it to do bad things, and vice versa?  Note also there are two major emotions associated with receiving money; greed and gratitude.  Which of these define you?

In the world today, what would be the quality of life for someone or people who have no money?  How does this compare to people who have a lot of money?  We may sometimes say that money is not everything.  Money cannot buy love.  Okay, and what is the reality of having no money?

Now think of this, we need money for almost everything in life, even to bury the dead. So what kind of life is possible with little money, or living in debt, or living pay-cheque to pay-cheque?  What kind of life would your children, or grandchildren enjoy if you maintain an unhealthy relationship with money?  Though money is inert and has no power, it can set you free or keep you enslaved.  It depends entirely on the relationship you have with it and your willingness to develop good understanding and appreciation of money.

You might not believe a word you are reading here and may wish to rebuke it.  In the process of doing so, who are you hurting?  Whose opportunity are you limiting?  Whose freedom are you denying?  Like Winston Churchill said, “the truth is incontrovertible.  Malice may attack it, Ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.”  If you question anything enough, the truth will eventually unfold.

Trevor Dunlop

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